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Quiz: Can You Solve These Kitchen Nightmares?

We’ve seen some kitchen nightmares that have made us lose sleep. While bad food storage and rusty shelving is unsightly, it’s also extremely dangerous for your customers and your business. If you recognize any of these nightmares from your own kitchen, Cambro products can help you sleep a little easier. Take our Can You Fix These Kitchen Nightmares? quiz to find out if you’re an idiot sandwich or a Top Chef. When you’re finished, enter to win a Cambro Food Storage Prize Pack!


Cambro Products to Avoid Kitchen Nightmares

  • Camshelving®: Camshelving Premium and Elements Series’ are designed to hold 2,000 lbs (910 kg) per unit and Basics Plus Series is designed to hold 1,800 lbs. (816,5 kg) per unit. Utilize Dunnage Stands to increase the amount of weight your bottom shelf can handle and decrease the chances your shelving with buckle under the pressure. Why Jim’s South St. trusts Camshelving to hold 120 lbs. of beef on every shelf.
    • Camshelving also comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and connects to provide open corners with efficient space utilization.  
  • Camshelving Shelf Dividers: Shelf Dividers are essential for operations with high volumes of narrow items like small packages, bottles and condiments. After adding Shelf Dividers to your Camshelving, all of those items transform into little soldiers standing at attention. Click here to see 3 more essential Camshelving accessories.
  • Cambro Lids: One of Cambro’s core food safety principles is that every food pan needs a lid. There are many advantages to using Camwear® Food Pans, but without a lid, food is left susceptible to spills, cross-contamination and spoilage. Cambro offers a variety of lids to keep these dangerous situations from happening to your food.
  • Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack: The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is made from the same rust-free material as Elements Series Camshelving. Designed with a custom center-stem caster, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack maneuvers easily around the kitchen and is more stable than a traditional metal rack. Why this school district swapped their failing metal racks for the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack.


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