The Best Shelving to Make Your Food and Beverage Storage More Efficient

The people of Philadelphia believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of cheesesteak. Since opening their doors in 1976, Jim’s South St. has served thousands of iconic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to locals and tourists alike. In fact, they’re so popular that Jim’s typically makes 2,000 cheesesteaks on Saturday alone.

“You can get a good cheesesteak in 1,000 restaurants in Philly, but the quality of the meat we use is probably better than most, our portions are solid and we have a very good roll with Liscio’s Bakery,” said Ken Silver, President of Jim’s South St.

Silver’s father was one of the original owners of Jim’s South St.; he took over as President in 2011.

“The same cheesesteak you got in 1978 is the same cheesesteak you’re getting now in 2022.”

Jim’s South St. has a simple menu comprised of sandwiches, hoagies and beverages, but with the volume they sell, they need to have a lot of product on-hand. With only a small walk-in and a reach-in cooler for beverages, Silver has to be very intentional with their storage.

Camshelving Premium Series® checked all the boxes for both of their storage areas; they’ve had the same units since 2018.

Each pan of beef weighs 30lbs., so their shelving rack needed to be strong enough to hold 120 lbs. of beef on every shelf. Plus, they needed to be able to hold 400 lbs. of onions.

Silver wanted something strong yet easy to clean because “you can’t clean wire shelving; it just rusts and becomes a mess.” With Camshelving, Silver can take off the shelves, bring them to their 3-basin sink and quickly wash them.

“It’s like you’re putting in a brand new unit from the start,” said Silver.

For their reach-in coolers, they already had gravity-fed bottle holders from Pepsi. In addition to durability and hygiene, Silver chose Camshelving because it would allow customers to see their beverages easier.

“We got so much more visibility to the product, because when we had the old wire shelves, we had these big braces in front of them and you really couldn’t see other than it was a dark soda or dark beer or a light beer. You couldn’t really see what you were buying,” said Silver.  

“We don’t even need to advertise the products anymore, we just say Pepsi products and point to the cooler and say, ‘What do you want?’ It works great. The bars across are a little lower than most of the shelving systems in reach-in coolers, so it’s easier to load. We couldn’t be happier with the solution. We don’t even need to secure it to the floor because the weight of the products keep the shelves in place.”

Cambro believes in the durability of Camshelving so much that every unit comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

“I can’t see any reason we would have to replace the reach-in cooler shelving at all. There’s no reason for it to fail,” said Silver.

If you’re in the City of Brotherly Love, give our local rep group, MK Food Service Equipment a call for all your Camshelving needs.

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