Restaurant Keeps Fruit Fresh for Up to 10 Days with Cambro Seal Covers

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice utilizes fresh fruit for their iced blended drinks. With food costs rising and supply often unstable, it’s imperative to extend the life of your ingredients to decrease waste, save money and serve customers the best quality possible.

At their location in Suzhou Fenglong City Center, CoCo implemented Camwear® Food Pans and Seal Covers to help them get the most out of their produce. They found that after 7 to 10 days, the fruit was still extremely fresh and ready to be used.

“At this moment, all our food boxes are from Cambro. After covering the container with a lid, it plays the role of preserving the freshness of the content. The food pans will not touch the copper pipe of our refrigerator or the inside of the refrigerator, which will reduce the corrosion of our fruits,” said store manager Xuanjia Wang.

Made with virtually unbreakable Camwear, food pans are durable enough to withstand high volume wear and tear. Topping your food pans with Seal Covers promotes freshness while decreasing the chances of cross-contamination and establishing secure stacking.

“[Camwear Food Pans] also show our guests that the equipment we use is safer, more hygienic and we are more assured that the company only needs to consider a one-time investment,” said Wang.

Cutting costs is a major concern with foodservice operations around the world. Investing in quality equipment the first time means you can spend more time focused on your menu and less time worrying about the safety and quality of your ingredients.

“After using Cambro’s food pans for storage, it is an era of advancement,” said Wang.

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