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Healthcare Facility Delivers Meals Safely with Cambro Healthcare Solutions


Four months after the coronavirus struck, healthcare operators are beginning to feel more confident about the new way of life they are providing at their facilities. For Jones-Harrison Residence, what was initially a scramble has turned into a well-oiled machine. Previously, like many senior services providers, Jones-Harrison Residence transported meals from the kitchen to dining areas where they would be served on plates family-style; they also provided tray service to those who needed extra help.

When congregate dining was eliminated, and they started serving residents in their rooms, Jones-Harrison President and CEO Annette Greely began looking for a system that would support their new needs.

“I was talking to some of my friends in the dining industry…and I was like, ‘Hey, we need to go to in-room dining and I need to get like a quality system in,’ and they’re like, ‘Hey look at Cambro’,” said Greely.


After weighing her options, there was only one solution: “We decided to go with Cambro, and I love it and the kitchen loves it. It’s not a cumbersome system. It fits beautifully in our tray line and it’s slick,” said Greely. “If you need a cart, you go to Cambro. You guys have the best carts.”

Greely did a complete overhaul of their kitchen equipment. Jones-Harrison now runs on Cambro 16 Tray Meal Delivery Carts, Camduction® Complete Heat System, Healthcare Drying Racks, Trays, Healthcare Disposable Lids and The Shoreline Collection tray top products.

 When it comes to keeping food at the right temperature, many operators struggle with a loss during the plating and transportation process. However, with Cambro’s combination of the Camduction, Shoreline Collection Domes and Healthcare Meal Delivery Carts, Greely says their meals are holding temperature consistently.

“I have not had any complaints on food temps. I’ve been in this for 20 years, and food is an area for the resident that I take really seriously because…if you think of all the things, all the losses they’ve had in their life. Having to leave their home, dealing with health issues they don’t have a lot of control over and just so many other things. Food is like the one thing that allows them to have that control, still makes them feel like they’re at home; provides happiness and comfort. When that stuff doesn’t go well, you hear about it and we’re doing really well. We’re not getting any negative feedback,” said Greely.

Not only are meals staying hot until they get to each resident, they’re staying secure.

“Those Cambro trays, I love those because they have that little grippy design on them…they’re very nice,” said Greely.

The “little grippy design” Greely describes is a non-slip surface that is applied to several types of Cambro Healthcare Trays. All non-skid trays are made with a coating that will not wear out or wash off. Because the trays protect drinks and meals during transport, there is no longer a need to repeatedly buy paper tray mats that end up in the trash.


As Greely looks ahead to the coming months and even years, the new normal at Jones-Harrison Residence seems like it will remain.

“Moving forward, it’s just going to be different. Serving to the room and having that tray system is gonna be a more integrative part of our dining life,” said Greely. “Covid has changed how dining is happening everywhere. The assisted livings in Minnesota are slowly being allowed to do some congregate, but they’ve done one at a table, six feet apart, and we’re still gonna have residents that might not feel comfortable doing that and they’re gonna need tray service to their room.”

Cambro’s extensive line of healthcare products address every issue senior care providers encounter in their foodservice operations. Serving food safely and efficiently while keeping it fresh and delicious is possible with Cambro Healthcare. Contact your Cambro rep today to find the right products to support your operation.

Testimonial connection courtesy of Laurance Anderson, who handles the Minnesota, North and South Dakota territories.

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