How to Keep Fresh Produce Consistent During Times of Uncertainty


With the coronavirus continuing to inflict challenges on the foodservice industry, it is important to take hold of the things you can control. Operators may feel like they can’t catch a break as regulations continue seesawing backwards and forwards. While sanitation and hygiene efforts are understandably operators’ primary focus, look to food storage procedures to help keep product steady amongst the chaos. When nothing seems “normal” anymore, ordering the right amount of product varies. Keep your ingredients fresh and extend the life of your produce to the fullest with these Cambro products:

  1. Seal Covers

G2G 188Many prepped foods aren’t here for a long time, only a good time. Using Cambro Seal Covers make the good times last a little longer. Menu items like guacamole and hummus are prone to going bad quickly. There’s nothing worse than looking into a big container of prepped guacamole to find brown mush where vibrant green used to be. Through the ups and downs of service, Seal Covers can extend the shelf life of delicate foods up to three days. Thanks to an inner seal that literally seals your Camwear® Pan, Camwear Rounds or CamSquares®, contents are protected throughout storage and service.

  1. Colander Pans

Don’t let your spirits wilt like the lettuce in your walk-in. Many restaurants have parred down their menu, but there are mainstays like leafy greens that you’re always going to need. Avoid throwing away unused product by making it last longer. What kind of sorcery makes this possible? Cambro Colander Pans, of course. Rinse, drain, and store foods like lettuce and green beans all in one pan. Colander Pans are designed to drain liquids into the Camwear pan below, reducing spoilage from product sitting in drippings. Keep product fresh by disposing of any drippings that are caught in the bottom pan. Camwear Colander Pans are made with a stain, acid and odor resistance and come with a 2-year pro-rated warranty. For applications where you need to drain liquid and grease away from hot food, try H-Pan High Heat Colander Food Pans. Food retains its quality, resulting in less wasted product.

  1. Drain Shelf

Do you feel like your money is going down the drain? Cambro Drain Shelves can help stop the flow! Fragile foods like berries and tomatoes can have a longer life when stored in the right way. Drain shelves allow liquids to drain into the Camwear Pan below it, reducing the onset of spoiling. In addition to keeping your food fresher, Drain Shelves keep your food safer. Instead of having to transfer food sitting in liquid to another container to preserve it, Drain Shelves eliminate the need for extra handling and potential cross-contamination. Camwear Drain Shelves are constructed to be virtually unbreakable and resistant to high-volume wear and tear, stains, acids and odors. In addition to Camwear, Drain Shelves are available in Translucent and High Heat materials.

When planning feels uncertain, revert back to timeless kitchen necessities like proper food storage. The more you can utilize the product you have, the better for your bottom line—which is especially important now. Managing your back of house processes efficiently throughout the pandemic will set your operation up for maximum success in the future. Contact your Cambro rep today to find the best storage solutions for you.


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