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Roll With It: Increase Storage Space with Cambro’s Ultimate #10 Can Rack

10 can rack Brenda

When your operation is using more than 200 cans a month, simply storing them on your shelving isn’t going to cut it. Not only is space being wasted, organization becomes extremely difficult to keep up. When Brenda Ruble, Dietary Manager at Grand Meadows Senior Living in Glencoe, Minn., learned about Cambro’s Ultimate #10 Can Rack she decided they had to have it.

Previously, Ruble had been storing her cans on regular shelving but didn’t have enough room for the number of cans Grand Meadows goes through. Every five weeks their menu changes and many of their ingredients change. The Ultimate #10 Can Rack gives Ruble the ability to easily keep inventory and replace cans when needed. The simple shelving they were using before wasn’t giving them an efficient organization system to support their operation.

When Ruble changed to the Ultimate #10 Can Rack, the difference was shocking.

“[The Ultimate #10 Can Rack] has freed up about 65 percent of storage space on my flat shelving units for other food products,” said Ruble. “We pulled the one [shelving unit] out and put it somewhere else where we kind of really needed it and then put the can rack in the dry storage.”

Full-Size Can Racks hold a total of 96 #10 cans, but they’re also available in single racks for operations with lower volume. With the Ultimate #10 Can Rack system, cans are kept organized, easily accessible and off the floor thanks to Cambro’s revolutionary construction and design.

“[My staff] like [the Ultimate #10 Can Rack] a lot better, it’s more organized and easier to access,” said Ruble. “I like how it was easy to put together.”

The Ultimate #10 Can Rack is made with Cambro’s strong composite plastic that will never dent, bend or break, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth or disassembled and run through a dishwasher. As with all Camshelving®, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

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