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Camshelving® Transforms Dry Storage Inside Newport Beach Restaurant


Not all dry storage areas are created equal. When the back of house at Bosscat Kitchen and Libations was designed, owners had no idea what their business would become. Fast forward five years, and Bosscat has become a restaurant and bar hotspot in Newport Beach, Calif. that was not prepared for the kind of success it has been afforded.

“We never really intended to be a restaurant. We always just wanted to be a bar that had good food, but [our] chef gave life to our food and it just became popular and it grew, and it had a life of its own,” said Leslie Nguyen, co-owner of Bosscat. “Now, we are trying to make our kitchen larger instead of focusing so much on the bar.”

One way to make their kitchen larger without adding any square footage was to swap out their metal shelving for Camshelving Premium Series. Not only were the metal shelves starting to buckle, organization was lacking, and they were difficult to clean.

“You can’t really organize [metal shelving] as easy as the Camshelving…they rust over time, they get dirty if you don’t keep up with them. They are made of a material that just doesn’t last as long,” said Nguyen.DSC_0987

“The awesome part about [Camshelving]…is that you’re able to just take [shelf plates] off, run it through the machine [and] put it right back on top,” said Corey Muir, chef at Bosscat.

In addition to Bosscat, two more concepts share the same kitchen and storage areas: Ten Asian Bistro, located next door, and Miss Mini Doughnuts, a delivery and event-based business. With three concepts in one cramped room, there wasn’t enough space and staff were having trouble differentiating where each ingredient belonged.

“When I found out about the Camshelving…you guys build them so that you use every corner in the room to maximize the space,” said Nguyen. “I think the [Camshelving] would definitely help with keeping the staff organized by knowing where certain items are because right now we’re sharing.”

One of the biggest space-wasting ingredients inside Bosscat’s dry storage room was their #10 cans. By adding the Ultimate #10 Can Rack to their Camshelving unit, they instantly saved room, became FIFO efficient and increased their organization.

“I’m really excited about getting the 10 can rack because the way the system works you’re constantly rotating your ingredients so you’re using always the freshest ingredients. There’s not one jar or can that is rotting in the back and collecting dust bunnies,” said Nguyen.

Camshelving has the power to completely change the way you look at your storage areas. Visit to learn more and contact your Cambro rep to begin planning your Camshelving makeover today.


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