How This Coffee Shop Saves Money, Waste With Cambro Storage Containers

How much food and trash does your operation throw away each day? Foodservice operations are becoming more aware of ways to make their businesses sustainable in order to cut down on their waste. More businesses are seeing the benefits of sustainability on their bottom lines. Whether it’s spoiled food or piles of paper placemats, this waste translates to money going straight in the trash. After working for businesses that continually contributed unnecessary waste, Chuck Herrera, owner of Good People Coffee Co. in Santa Monica, Calif., knew he wanted his operation to be different.

“When you get pastries delivered from the local bakery…they always tend to send them out in large pink boxes,” said Herrera. “That always seemed very wasteful.”

When Herrera started Good People Coffee Co. two years ago, he specifically looked for purveyors that would be open to trying a more sustainable delivery solution.


“We’ve done the investment of buying the [Cambro Food Pans and GripLids®] so that when we get our deliveries, instead of using paper products, they use the reusable containers,” said Herrera.

Not only are they able to save waste, but they’ve noticed a significant difference in comparison to flimsy paper boxes.

“When we came across the [GripLids] that were airtight…we decided they would be best for our bread and our baked goods because the freshness lasts longer,” said Herrera.

In addition to their pastry deliveries, Herrera started a program for their wholesale coffee customers to save both money and waste. Rather than package their customers’ coffee in disposable bags, they pack each order in a 22qt CamSquare.

“In the long run, we can save money on the coffee bags. Our coffee bags run about 80 cents a bag, so any bag that we don’t end up using…we’re saving money as a company,” said Herrera. “We’re also saving money for [our customers] because we give them a discount for that.”


Reducing waste is much easier and cost beneficial than businesses might realize. Starting small can make a big difference in the long-run.

“It all takes everybody doing a little bit of something. We want to be known as a coffee shop that makes good coffee, but sustainability makes sense both as humans that live on this planet and financially in the long run.”

Using reusable containers is just one way to reduce waste in your operation. Contact your Cambro rep to learn more about how to reduce your costs and environmental footprint.


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