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The Complete Sanitary Drying Rack for Healthcare Kitchens

vertical-and-angled-drying-rack-hc-3Hospital kitchens are different than other foodservice kitchens. The equipment and supplies they use may include many items found in commercial kitchens along with a whole variety of healthcare specific items. From pans, lids, cutting boards, food pans and storage containers to bases, plate covers, bowls and meal delivery trays, a healthcare kitchen goes through an assortment of products.With this wide array comes a familiar challenge: finding the space to properly dry and store the different shapes and sizes.

In hospitals, an environment where many patients already deal with low immune systems, minimizing the spread of harmful bacteria caused by wet-nesting is critical to patients’ health. A vital tool in this fight is using the right drying rack designed for healthcare operations.

Cambro’s Angled Drying Rack makes drying and storage of bases, bowls and pans easy and safe without taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. The standard cradles can conveniently be replaced with tray drying cradles to also hold trays, cutting boards and lids. This non-corrosive drying rack is not only more affordable than metal racks but also saves on the unnecessary replacement of deteriorated or bent metal cradles.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, break-resistant, easy to assemble.
  • Mobile unit allows for easy floor clean-up and mobility.
  • Versatile drying cradles increases efficient space utilization.
  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on posts and traverses.

For more information about the Angled Drying Rack contact your Cambro Healthcare Specialist.

About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for Healthcare. To see more posts related to Healthcare solutions, click here.

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