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You Don’t Have to Accept Your Current Levels of Food Waste

g2g-329What if we told you that you don’t have to accept your current levels of food waste?

We’re not talking about minor improvements but substantial, business-impacting results. And we’re not talking solutions designed for only large, commercial operations but for every foodservice operation.

These 3 Cambro products can make it happen in your operation: Camwear Food Pans, Colander Food Pans, and Seal Covers.  With these 3 products, one independent restaurant was able to achieve immediate results.

Putting the Green in Green2Go

When Joulia Kallah and Anita Allison opened Green2Go (an all organic restaurant) in 2012, the business reported costs of goods sold at 41% with waste margins greater than 10%.

“Today, thanks to improved food-storage practices, waste is down: to single digits and cost of goods sold is at 31%”, shares Joulia Kallah, Owner of Green2Go.

Joulia credits much of this profit-saving success with the restaurant’s investment in the three core Cambro storage products: Seal Covers, Camwear Food Pans and Colander Food Pans.

We invite you to participate and enjoy the same results as Green2Go by putting our storage products to the test in your operation. See their real life test results and order your free sample kit by clicking here.

See how the Green2Go team was able to get more days out of their greens:


About the Author: Patricia Guerrero is the Senior Marketing Communications Manager for the Food Storage category. To see more posts related to Food Storage, click here.

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