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6 Catering Tips for a 5-Star Event

upc300-hot-in-kitchen-22When it comes time to selecting a caterer, taste and quality of food come first. However, behind the scenes, true pros know that it’s all about food safety. Keeping food out of the danger zone is every caterer’s number one goal. Having the right equipment on hand will ensure that every function will turn into a 5-star event.

Here are some features to consider when deciding which carrier is best for your operation:

  1. Insulation – Although some brands may look the same from the outside, all things are not created equally inside. Make sure that you are selecting a trusted brand. If insulation is not consistently foamed throughout every wall, this will lead to rapid temperature loss into the danger zone. A unit with good insulation should be able to help keep cold food nicely chilled below 41˚F and hot food above 140˚F for many hours.
  2. Size – Pick a unit that is large enough to hold food pans of various sizes and depths while also having a compact footprint that can fit inside small cars or vans. A compact footprint will give an operation the flexibility to scale up for growth and can easily be stacked in a larger delivery truck as well.
  3. Identificationupc300

    The ideal carrier should have a labeling area to help identify contents or routing information. This saves precious set-up time–time that could be used to provide 5-star service to customers instead. Having proper identification will also reduce any unnecessary opening of the door and temperature loss.

  4. Cleanability – Select a carrier that can easily be wiped clean or sprayed down at the end of every shift. It helps to have removable doors to ensure thorough cleaning.
    TIP: Placing the door inside the carrier after cleaning is an easy visual to signify that the carrier is fresh and clean for the next event.
  5. Weight – A point often overlooked by caterers when selecting a transporter is its weight. Remember to choose a unit that will not only hold temperature well but be lightweight enough for the delivery crew to handle even when fully loaded.
  6. Design – Lastly, don’t forget that a well-designed carrier allows you to stay focused on service rather than maintenance.



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About the Author: Cathy Vu is the Marketing Manager for Catering and Hospitality. For more posts related to catering, click here.

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  1. Quality catering equipment play important roles in our business, especially in keeping our food fresh and warm.

  2. Thanks for these catering tips. I’m glad you mentioned that you should try to pick a carrier that can be wiped clean easily. This seems very important for making sure that there’s no cross-contamination at all.

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