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Camwear Non-Skid Trays: Safe and Durable

1418cwns110-camwear-non-skid-black-beautyHigh-traffic foodservice operations expect durability from their patron trays. Finding a tray that is durable but also one that doesn’t scratch, chip or crack easily has been a challenge. Until now.

Durability +

The Cambro Camwear® Non-Skid Tray is not your average tray. What makes this tray unique is its sturdy construction combined with the ability to resist scratches, chips and cracks. This combination is ideal for fast-paced operations such as commercial cafeterias and hospital patient meal service. Bottom line: this tray has built-in cost savings by reducing the need for replacing damaged trays.

Safety +

When it comes to high-traffic foodservice operations, the Camwear Non-Skid Tray brings a new level of safety. The secret sauce in this unique tray is the clear non-skid material that is embedded in the tray’s surface, keeping tray-top items steady in place, reducing spills and accidents.


To see if the new Camwear Non-Skid Tray is right for your foodservice operation, click here to contact your local Cambro Representative for a sample and quote.

About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for Patron Trays and Healthcare.

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