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What’s Trending for School Breakfast?

cvc55-app1When McDonald’s expanded into all-day breakfast recently, it showed that adults love breakfast for any meal. But breakfast has always been beloved by kids, so why not give them more of what they love? Breakfast can be served any time of day and offers some great ways to serve healthy, exciting meals that K-12 schoolkids will love.

Here are the top trends in breakfast across the nation. Jump on them before they become old news!

  1. Meals in Bowls

Self-contained breakfast in a bowl works for almost anything: egg, bacon and veggie scrambles, hot grains like the above mentioned porridge or oatmeal, and even smoothies! Technomic named bowls one of the hot food trends of 2016, and it’s still going strong. Smoothie bowls allow you to serve yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts or granola that wouldn’t be possible in a drinkable smoothie.

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2. Fancy Toast

First it was avocado toast; now any toppings on toasted bread create a fresh take on a breakfast classic. Use artisanal or whole grain breads for healthy nutrients, then add cream cheese, other soft cheeses, fruit spreads, nut butters, honey and more to create a tasty, portable meal.

3. Multicultural Breakfast

shutterstock_593554658Take some inspiration from other cultures for breakfast offerings. Mexican ingredients such as chorizo and dishes such as chilaquiles, eggs scrambled with pieces of corn tortilla and salsa, are already popular. Other ideas include Tex-Mex breakfast quesadillas, Spanish-style churros and hot chocolate, or Swiss muesli with nuts and fruit.

4. Porridge

It’s not just for Goldilocks and the Three Bears anymore. Porridge, any starchy grain boiled in water or milk, is making a comeback. Similar to oatmeal, porridge pairs best with fruit, honey, cinnamon, nuts and protein. Serve it savory or sweet.

5. Coffee

camtainer-500lcd-black-hrAt last year’s ANC during an education session, there was an audible gasp in the room when one panelist said she served her high school students coffee. But black coffee with non-calorie sweeteners and sugar-free creamers fits the guidelines. And kids are buying coffee before school anyway, so why not make it one of your offerings? Offer a selection of creamer flavors so kids can personalize their own cup of joe. And consider offering decaf if you’re concerned about caffeine.

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Keep up on trends and find more great ideas at Cambro’s Schools website. Contact your local Cambro sales representative for help finding the right equipment solutions for your school.

About the Author: Annamaria Barajas is an Associate Marketing Manager at Cambro, focusing on schools and the non-commercial markets.

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