The Solution for Quieter Room Service

A noisy hospital hallway isn’t part of the ideal environment for a recovering patient but in many facilities, the scene of a noisy metal meal delivery cart is played out several times a day. For hospitals that do little to reduce this noise, the negative impact often shows up in lower patient satisfaction scores.

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These heavy metal room service carts are nearly impossible to manage quietly in and out of elevators and to maneuver through busy hospital hallways. To reduce noise, foodservice executives must consider all aspects of quality when planning for their room service program, including the cart.

The reality is that metal carts are assembled from numerous pieces which are affected by the  daily transport of the cart over tile floors. The cart quickly begins to rattle and the result is negative impact on patient satisfaction.

Cambro’s 10-tray room service cart is tough yet quiet. The double-wall polyethylene construction makes it lightweight and the  large non-marking casters make for easy maneuvering.

MealDeliveryCartAdditional Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Won’t rust, break, dent or chip
  • Door opens full 270° for easy tray access
  • Vents on the back optimizes food quality
  • NSF Listed

A non-metal cart is not only a quieter alternative to a metal cart but also less costly.

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