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The 5 Pillars of a Google-like Corporate Cafeteria

Silicon Valley high-tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple have not only revolutionized the tech industry but also set a new standard for corporate cafeterias. While known for providing the ultimate dining experience, these luxury cafeterias gain much more in return for their generosity.

With so much to offer—from a pleasant environment for dining, casual meeting, recruiting and networking to a relaxing work area away from the office, the cafeteria has transformed into a central hub for communication that generates high employee productivity and satisfaction.

For this reason, many companies are following this model—incorporating what makes these cafeterias unique and effective in the planning of their new cafeterias.

While food variety, quality and availability are the most focused-on aspects of corporate cafeterias, we’ll focus on the 5 non-food areas that companies competing for today’s talent focus on:

  1. Floor plan and design

An open floor plan is easy to divide into sections for themes or decoration styles that are suitable for different purposes. Imagine, the dining area with modern, lightweight, easy to move chairs and tables, the lounge area with a few comfortable couches and casual meeting area with a couple of contemporary round tables and chairs.DSC_1233

  1. Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on how we feel and different sections of your cafeteria should reflect those moods. While the dining section should ideally be bright and warm, consider more of a reduced and dimmed lighting in the lounge area as employees often use this space to relax or to entertain themselves with their electronic devices during breaks.

  1. Colors

Dividing the area by using different colors or themes will make the cafeteria look lively and modern. This is also the time to establish a cafeteria identity that is associated with your company by incorporating branding colors in the Café logo design, cafeteria trays or furniture to promote internal and external brand association.DSC_0962

  1. Technology

Think about the importance of quick and reliable communication and be sure to provide that by being generous about installing plenty of outlets on the walls and tables with  robust WIFI access. Your employees may want to work over lunch or use digital entertainment during breaks. A few LCD TV’s in the cafeteria can also keep your employees connected with the day’s events.

  1. Communications

The cafeteria is the ideal place to announce company events and employee team building activities to improve employee relations and corporate culture. After all, here is where your employees have the most flexibility to mingle and be social.


The simple fact is that great on-campus dining options keep high-value employees closer to their work which greatly benefits the company. A well-run corporate cafeteria can be a big part of a company’s pitch to new recruits. What was once a high-tech perk is now an expected benefit at any corporate cafe.

For solutions to the unique challenges of today’s corporate cafeteria, contact your local Cambro sales representative.

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