The Pan Every Foodservice Operator Should Own

Food safety is among the highest priorities for any restaurateur or foodservice professional. Storing, preparing or washing fresh produce improperly can leave residual pesticides, herbicides, microorganisms or other contaminants on the food and ultimately these can be consumed by your guests if not handled properly. In a worst-case scenario, improperly rinsed produce could make consumers seriously ill and cause serious issues for the establishment and or the restaurant owner.shutterstock_370087310

All produce needs to be washed thoroughly, even organic produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables can pick up bacteria from soil, water, packaging, corrugated boxes, contaminated surfaces, other products or human contact during the delivery and receiving process. Washing is the only way to remove potential health hazards from produce, especially if you are planning to serve it raw.

The Pan that Keeps on Giving

To rinse your fruits and vegetables, place them inside a Cambro Colander Pan  under running water. Liquids drain directly into the Cambro food pan below for easy disposal. The colander simply lifts out of the food pan, allowing quick removal of any liquids. Using Cambro’s Colander Pans will ensure that refrigerated produce stays dry and less susceptible to spoilage by allowing condensation and drippings to drain away. This convenient set-up allows an operator to rinse, drain and store all in one pan.


Colander Pans also make it possible to rinse large volumes of produce without losing any of the food down the drain (no pun intended) and they also support food safety through reduced handling. A variety of lid styles are also available to complement the colander pans for safe storing.

Implementing the use of the Cambro Colander Pan is enough to produce huge benefits for an operation. Efficiency and food safety management in every step of the operator process, from receiving items to rinsing, storing and preserving them to preparing and serving them, are the details that produce successful businesses results despite the variables involved in food service.

Want to see for yourself? Ask your Cambro rep for a free product sample. Try rinsing your fruits and vegetables in a Cambro Colander Food Pan to see how you can ensure that your fresh produce investment is protected, fresh, crisp and appetizing until time of service.

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