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New Salad Ingredients for Today’s Tastes

shutterstock_251235187Forget iceberg lettuce with the usual tomatoes, onions and croutons. Salads have become more popular, but the ingredients are more sophisticated as curious diners are more willing to try new foods. These days, the successful salad bar is the one that offers a wider range of fresh foods, from simple to exotic.

Customers are more aware of the need for healthier food choices, and the growing “foodie” culture, nurtured by food news reporting, celebrity chefs, and cooking shows, have made consumers more adventurous and willing to try unfamiliar foods in new combinations. Even customers who are in a hurry still make time to experiment with adding a few new items to their favorite salads.

What’s New at the Salad Bar?

The key to exciting salads isn’t only the new greens and veggies, but the new combinations of ingredients.The salad bar that offers a larger variety will be more in demand. Customers are looking for unusual greens like frisee, collards, arugula and watercress to combine with spinach, which is still a favorite. Salads are enlivened with avocado and peppers. Grains like quinoa and brown rice, fresh or dried fruit, proteins like salmon, tuna and thin slices of ham and lamb and even grilled fruits like watermelon and figs are popping up in salad bars and displays. Goat cheese joins the usual cheddar and Parmesan. Fresh herbs create salad surprises while pickled veggies add a tasty pop of acidity. Even nuts are getting a makeover, served toasted to intensify the flavors.

Dressings Are Different Too

To go along with the new salads, fancy dressings have become trendy. Balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinaigrette will always be loved, but fruity dressings are making an appearance now. So are Mediterranean dressings, and beautiful blends of Thai and Indian spices, including ginger and cloves.

Attractive Displays Sell Salads

Beautiful presentations make the most of the new salad colors and textures. Fitting all those goodies into existing prep or service spaces may be a challenge, but the right size food pan can make it easier. Now you can spruce up your seasonal menu options without overthinking about space restrictions within your existing works pace. With the new 1/8 Food Pan you can make your existing room work for you by adding all sorts of fun ingredients to your menu offering all while still ensuring that kitchen your staff has adequate space to work.

The Right Product. The Right Resources.

Along with having the 1/8 Food Pan as part of your mix of food pans, another item to consider is referencing the Freshness Contained tools for helpful tips. Cambro supports foodservice operators worldwide not only by providing storage products for every application, but also tried and tested recommendations on how to best store their produce for extended shelf life. Freshness contained offers operators food storage solutions that are not only designed to retain the freshness of perishable foods but also the quality, appearance, flavor and nutritional value for as long as possible.


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