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Cambro Plate Covers are the Choice for Banquets


The word conjures up images of large round tables filling vast ballrooms with guests awaiting their choice of beef or chicken (maybe fish) to be delivered. As a guest, you know the feeling when the banquet servers start serving the food at the other end of the ballroom first. Your chicken will definitely be cold by the time your table is served. Even if the banquet staff has several shifts working, you’re likely not hearing anything the speaker at this banquet is saying due to the clanging of dented metal plate covers as the meals are presented. And as a foodservice industry operator you also know the large Camtread trays most banquet staff carry are loaded with plates and these heavy metal plate covers add to the weight of service for staff.

Luckily, there is a solution for loud service and cold food. Cambro’s plate covers hold more value and heat for the meal being served. Here are 6 reasons why Cambro Plate Covers are the choice of banquets:

  1. Lighweight, durable and easy to transport.
  2. Unlike metal covers, Cambro plate covers are quiet during service.
  3. Scratch resistant means they’ll look newer longer.
  4. No wasted labor since there’s no polishing required.
  5. More affordable than metal covers.
  6. As with most Cambro products, Cambro plate covers retain heat better than metal so you’ll be happy to eat that chicken dinner even if you’re served last and they’ve already started dessert service.

To receive a sample of a Cambro Plate Cover, fill out the form below and for more information contact your local Cambro representative for more information.

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