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5 Benefits of Clear Plate Covers for Hotel Room Service

Hotels vary from the boutique to the all-inclusive mega-resorts. Regardless of what type of audience a hotel caters to, service is still expected. And room service plays a big role in the overall guest experience. BadRSreviewThat’s why it’s so surprising when hotel operators still use tools that add a degree of difficulty to a service that is frequently under a time crunch.

The last thing a hotel kitchen that has prepared a great meal ready to be delivered to a guest needs is a mix-up. There’s really no excuse when that (usually dented) metal plate cover is removed and the order is completely incorrect or missing items. So what can hotel operators do to try and prevent these cringe-worthy Tripadvisor-nightmare scenes from playing out?

ClearCover-RoomServiceLuckily these moments can be drastically minimized by switching from metal plate covers to clear plate covers that will help staff verify the contents before leaving the kitchen. If that’s not reason enough to switch now, here are a few more:

5 Benefits of Cambro Clear Plate Covers

  • Provides clear content visibility, minimizing order errors and keeping guests happy.
  • Remains newer looking longer without denting and scratching, improving the guest experience.
  • Naturally shiny without the need of polishing, saving staff time and labor.
  • Sanitary benefits are clear due to the content visibility that limits handling in the kitchen and in delivery.
  • More affordable than metal plate covers, reducing operator’s cost.

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