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Get Back to Hospitality with Shelving for Life

It started with Kitchen Nightmares and then Restaurant: Impossible and then came Bar Rescue. The “Rescue” show template seems to be a popular one and has even reached Hospitality with Hotel Impossible. While there are struggling businesses in all categories, the Hospitality sector as a whole has enjoyed a 5-year long string of growth. So what advice is there for Hospitality businesses on the upswing? Lodging Magazine’s recent advice column, Ask Anthony: How Long Will the Good Times Last?,  featuring Anthony Melchiorri, hotel fixer and host of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, he advises hoteliers on smart tips to extend the all-time high that they are experiencing as an industry in general. Anthony’s Four Tips:

  1. Work like you’re going out of business- keep the pressure on to keep performing.
  2. Allocate an adequate portion of your cash flow for the capital needs of the hotel.  In hand with that, “Always clean the hotel as thoroughly as possible every day.  It benefits the lifespan of the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment), it’s good for the guest, and it builds value for your rates.”
  3. Pay your staff well and treat them as key components to your success, because they are.
  4. Study the market and keep an eye on what’s relevant and what will impact your business going forward.

Never be complacent with your success, maintain good upkeep of all of your equipment as these are the backbone of your operation, and keeping a positive, motivated staff are all part of a sound business foundation. One way to do so is by empowering staff to reach their full potential instead of wasting their time or talents with menial tasks. As an example, some properties hire staff full-time just to keep the metal shelving in their walk-ins and pantries clean and up to code.

“We used to have a person 40 hours a week cleaning all of our metal shelving. It was a big task removing all of the products, scrubbing and spraying then re-arranging them back on the shelf. But that was our routine because we wanted to make sure we were always on top of things–to make sure none of our customers would get sick and to have good marks with the Health Department,” – Executive Chef Adrian Hernandez, Irvine Marriott.

The Irvine Marriott and many other hospitality chains worldwide have upgraded to Cambro’s Camshelving. The superior strength of this unit provides operators much peace of mind but equally important is the fact that the shelf plates come off and can easily be washed in the dishwasher, reducing time and labor. Shelving ELEMENTS housekeepingBeing able to clean the walk-in, in sections, also eliminates any downtime needed to service this area, keeping the kitchen operation running seamlessly. Staff once hired with the sole purpose of cleaning can now help with other tasks in the kitchen that may be more important, allowing them the opportunity to further grow in their career. As an added bonus, Camshelving has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, eliminating costly replacement expenses while keeping health inspectors super happy. And don’t forget that Housekeeping can also benefit from using Camshelving in their linen rooms– it keeps sheets clean, crisp, rust-free and snag-free–enabling staff to focus on doing a more efficient job servicing the rooms and keeping those guest ratings on the up and up.

Keeping an eye on the relevance of the FF&E in your operation is certainly key to your property’s continued success. Being able to match the right Camshelving line to the best application in your property equals cost savings and efficiency all throughout.  Learn more here or contact your local Cambro rep to schedule a visit to your property.

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