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Personalized Insulated Transporters Boost Branding and Usefulness

Personalzed Camtainer - Cambro BlogMany Cambro customers personalize their storage containers and food boxes to identify the contents, add company logos or even customize with ingredient fill lines in order to standardize recipes. Personalization is a great way for foodservice operators to help control and manage inventory as well. With ingredients clearly and permanently marked, employees have a reduced likelihood of mixing up ingredients or re-filling them into the wrong container. The benefits of personalization are indeed many but did you know that insulated transporters can also be personalized? Cart - Personalized - Cambro BlogCambro often personalizes these units for disaster relief agencies such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army, for hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as for the Dept. of Corrections (DOC). Depending on the type of transporter, various options are possible. For large carts, some customers request for each of the compartments to be personalized to show the location the cart is designated for or to show special menus like gluten-free meals. Whatever your needs may be for personalization, Cambro takes great care to silk screen each unit by hand to achieve the best use for our customers. Watch how we personalize our beverage servers for the DOC:

Contact your local Cambro rep for more personalization ideas that may help your operation achieve greater efficiency.

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