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Protecting Food on the Go

Catering - Cambro blogEvery great caterer knows that the most important part of the job is providing quality food to clients. Whether the menu is a barbecue buffet for a corporate picnic or filet mignon for a formal wedding, presenting a quality meal is everything. The caterer’s reputation is only as great as his or her creations, so keeping the quality of the ingredients in the freshest state possible is a top priority. Without proper storage and handling, ingredients will suffer and despite the best recipes and cooking techniques, will result in a mediocre meal (gasp!).

Keeping Produce Fresh

One of the biggest challenges faced by caterers on the move is delivering perfectly fresh, beautiful produce. It doesn’t take many bumps in the road to bruise fruit, and produce kept at improper temperatures can wilt and become discolored quickly, ruining their appearance for the table. ChoppingVeggies_CambroBlogEven worse, fruits and vegetable can lose their nutritional value when not properly refrigerated and stored. Getting produce properly handled in the back of house is very important. Using Cambro’s Colanders and Drain Shelves can ensure that refrigerated produce stays dry and less susceptible to spoilage by allowing condensation to drain away.

Protecting Food on the Move

While having adequate refrigeration in the van is important, equally important is having the proper storage products. Caterers know that it’s always best to wait until the last possible moment to slice produce for the freshest appearance, so make sure to transport them in the appropriate storage container. Clear food pans allow for easy identification of items, and secure lids such as Seal Covers or Griplids® are a must to limit oxidation, thereby helping to retain freshness in both raw ingredients as well as prepared foods. Seal Covers - Cambro Blog - Food TransportUsing insulated food pan carriers will also protect the food’s quality as well as safety. Hot food stay hot and cold foods stay cold, while insulated beverage servers keep liquids at the perfect temperatures. Using the proper insulated transport equipment ensures safe temperatures are maintained both in transit and on site, providing an insurance policy that protects the integrity of the food as well as the caterer’s reputation.

The Cambro Solution

In addition to keeping foods at the right temperature, the trick to retaining nutrients and flavor during storage is to keep out air and additional moisture. Cambro Seal Covers and GripLids are specifically designed to reduce these mitigating elements. Cambro’s covers, clear food pans and insulated transport containers are all designed to work together to make sure that caterers have everything they need to keep their dishes in top condition to meet their clients’ high expectations of quality.

For a custom food transport solution for your business contact your local Cambro representative.

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