Why Cambro Hot Boxes are Unmatched

Cambro insulated transport units, commonly called “hot boxes,” are known for two things: extreme durability and insulation. These qualities are especially important to foodservice professionals who frequently need to transport food because their top priorities are always to keep food at safe temperatures and to use reliable equipment. No one wants to arrive to an event with food that’s gone into the Danger Zone and it’s extremely frustrating to have to constantly replace your equipment.

But why do Cambro hot boxes always seem to outlast the rest? We attribute it all to the way they’re manufactured.

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Single-piece construction

Rotomolding is a manufacturing process that involves heating and rotating a hollow mold to evenly distribute the plastic material within the mold cavity. This results in a single, seamless piece without any joints or seams that can weaken the structure.

UPC400 products“Ekiben has relied on the UPC400 ever since our inception in 2014. It’s so versatile, being able to keep food hot and cold for such a long time. Also, one time while we were driving to the farmers market, we had a UPC400 fall out of the back of our pickup truck and onto the highway. Needless to say, we backed up on the highway to retrieve our precious pan carrier. We still have it to this day,” said Steve Chu, owner of Ekiben in Baltimore.

Traditional coolers and transport units are made using methods like injection molding or blow molding that often have multiple pieces that are joined together, which can create weak points where they may break or leak over time.

Thick, insulated walls

Rotomolded units typically have thicker, insulated walls compared to traditional coolers, making them suitable for transporting perishable goods or keeping items cold or hot for an extended period of time.

Plus, sealing systems in rotomolded units are often more robust and airtight. This helps in maintaining the desired temperature inside the unit and prevents outside air from infiltrating, which is crucial for temperature-sensitive items.

“In addition to our delicious and guaranteed fresh food, we use insulated Cambro hot boxes to keep the entire feast hot for hours! Eliminating the need to rush cooking times, the Cambro is an essential tool for putting on the perfect clambake,” said Joe Feran, Owner of Lobster Brothers Seafood.

Trusted durability

The thick, uniform construction of rotomolded units makes them more resistant to impact damage. They can withstand rough handling, including being dropped or bumped, without cracking or breaking. This is particularly important for high volume catering businesses, schools and corrections facilities.

pro cart ultra with employee“The way [Pro Cart Ultra units] are designed, to me, is just like having the Cadillac of hot boxes,” said Justin Webb, Food Operations Director at Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13.

“I’ve seen hot boxes just blow right over right into the grass and just take a tumble. These things, I could probably drop this [Pro Cart Ultra] down a flight of stairs and it would probably still work.”

Rotomolded units are designed to last for many years, even with frequent use and exposure to harsh conditions. Their durability and resistance to wear and tear make them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Cambro insulated transport units are designed to handle the rigors of heavy use so that you have a peace of mind knowing you can always depend on them. Click here to find the best Cambro hot box to fit your needs.


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