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Pro Cart Ultra Electrifies Central Virginia Corrections Facilities

When the Pro Cart Ultra made its debut in 2017, foodservice professionals were presented with the ultimate portable and flexible electric insulated transport unit. Only four years have passed, but the Pro Cart Ultra has made a significant impact on the foodservice industry. When Central Virginia Corrections needed a hot holding solution during the coronavirus pandemic, they leaned heavily on the Pro Cart Ultra by purchasing more than 350 units for their institutions across the state.

At the correctional facilities, offenders couldn’t eat their meals in dining halls because of social distancing. Central Virginia Corrections purchased their Pro Cart Ultra units in order to transport trays to each building while maintaining safe temperatures. The insulated units they had before the Pro Cart Ultra were very old and couldn’t handle the consistent use required of them. Justin Webb, Food Operations Director at Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13, explains the top reasons the Pro Cart Ultra is their preferred product.

  1. Heat Retention

The Pro Cart Ultra has superior insulation that safely maintains hot or cold food temperatures for at least four hours without electricity. Above all, food temperature and safety is always the highest priority.

“The heat retention on these things is amazing. That was one of the first things that I did when I actually got the boxes. I went and plugged it in to see how long it was going to take it to heat up,” said Webb. “I put a tray in there for eight hours just to test and see how hot it would keep it and it never went below 165 degrees the whole time it was in there.”

“The way they are designed, to me, is just like having the Cadillac of hot boxes.”

  1. Transportability

Previously, Webb used insulated units built to fit inside the kitchen to hold line pans. They weren’t made to roll up and down concrete streets. They needed a product that was heavy-duty enough to endure making three trips back and forth to buildings as far as a half a mile a way each day.

“Maneuverability on the Pro Cart Ultra is great. The way the wheels are set up on it, I mean it rolls smooth. I’ve even seen these here at my institution, in order to get up to the housing unit, it has to go up a short set of steps. I’ve seen two officers come and just pick this thing up and go right up a set of steps with it,” said Webb.

The Pro Cart Ultra is unmatched because it provides superior temperature retention but isn’t heavy or difficult to move. When you’re wheeling a piece of equipment from building to building multiple times a day, being able to transport it easily is extremely important!

“The material you use to make it out of, it’s not like a metal hot box; if you bang it into something you got a dent that’s going to be there forever. Some of these institutions, especially the bigger ones you have to go across a big open yard and if you get a windy day out there, I’ve seen hot boxes just blow right over right into the grass and just take a tumble. The Pro Cart Ultras, I could probably drop this hot box down a flight of stairs and it would probably still work.”

  1. Design

The Pro Cart Ultra has the ability to hold both hot and cold at the same time in the same cart. This option makes the Pro Cart Ultra an extremely powerful and valuable piece of equipment. 

“I think this is one of the more genius designs that I have seen as far as hot boxes go. The fact that I can have a hot box one minute and just take out a couple bolts and then I can have a refrigerator, that allows a lot of customization with these boxes,” said Webb.

In addition to the Pro Cart Ultra’s versatility, Webb was impressed by how well its parts are constructed.

“I love the casters that are on the Pro Cart Ultra because that’s normally one of the first things to go out, especially if you’re using the hot box for doing transportation with trays…a lot of these boulevards are rough concrete, so they’ll tear up a set of casters fast and these things look like they’re gonna last for a while,” said Webb.  “I like the fact that there’s no gasket, everything is done magnetically. That’s one more thing that I don’t have to worry about having to clean or having to replace if it’s gonna go bad.”

After offenders are able to return to regular congregate dining, Webb plans to continue using the Pro Cart Ultra during lockdowns or in an emergency plan. The Pro Cart Ultra is a favorite for correctional facilities, catering businesses and restaurants due to its high-grade performance, flexibility and security package options. Contact your Cambro rep to find the right Pro Cart Ultra model for you. 


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    The Lane Marketing Group team greatly appreciates the article that you put together regarding the VA. Dept of Corrections and their success with the Pro Cart Ultra products. We will be putting this in front of a number of other regional jails here in Virginia and Maryland. I am sure it will assist us in our efforts! Thanks again!

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