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How to Increase Efficiency While Your Restaurant is Short-Staffed

If you look at the windows of most restaurants and retail stores right now, they are all covered in “now hiring” signs. Restaurants need employees to help with increasing demand, but instead they’re faced with the increasing difficulty of finding people who want to work for them. While you’re waiting to find additional staff, there are ways to lighten the load. Many Cambro products can increase the productivity and efficiency in your kitchen without needing extra hands.

  1. Camracks

When it comes to warewashing and glassware storage, our Camracks are the real MVP. Forget having to rewash glasses that have been in storage. With Camracks, employees only have to wash them once because closed outer walls keep items safe from hands, chemicals, dust and pests while they’re stored. Here’s how the Camrack 4-in-1 warewashing system maximizes efficiency:

  • Washing & Storage: Compartments have an open design to ensure even cleaning and drying, eliminating the need for a second run through the dishwasher or hand drying afterward. Secure Camracks on a Camdolly with a Cover and you have a mobile and sanitary storage cabinet.
  • Inventory & Transport: Immediately identify the contents of your Camracks with hot stamping or Camrack Extender ID Clips. Easily move and open Camracks with confidence thanks to closed outer walls and a secure fit for contents.
  1. CamBar

If you’re having a hard time employing servers, let our CamBar to the heavy lifting. Rather than have servers floating amongst the crowd, position a CamBar in a convenient spot and have guests order and pick up their cocktails from one or two bartenders. The CamBar is a focal point that will attract the attention of guests immediately. Plus, CamBars reduce handling by enabling the bartender to hand drinks directly to guests.

Without the CamBar, servers might have to walk a long distance from the bar to each guest. But, the mobility of the CamBar allows you to reach guests much faster and easier.

  1. Seal Cover and Food Pan

You know the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? Cambro products actually help you do that. When using the right storage products, prep time can be significantly decreased and some processes can even be eliminated completely. At Green2Go, employees used to spend an extra hour shocking and cleaning wilted lettuce to return it to a fresh and green appearance. When they switched to Camwear Food Pans and Seal Covers, they stopped having to do this method all together.

Wilted Lettuce

Another cumbersome activity was preparing guacamole. Green2Go was used to preparing their guacamole in small batches throughout the day before storing the mixture in metal pans with plastic wrap. Employees were constantly having to scrape a brown layer off the top in order to get to the more appetizing, green guacamole underneath. Not only was this taking extra time, it was wasting money and contributing unnecessary food waste. However, they completely changed their process by using Camwear Food Pans and Seal Covers. Because they prevented the guacamole from browning quickly, employees were able to prepare large batches of guacamole in the morning that would last all day.

  1. High Heat H-Pan™

The more dishes you use, the more dishes you need to clean. The High Heat H-Pan outperforms other pans because it goes from prep, to cooler, to oven, to serving—all in the same pan! These versatile pans are safe from 40°F to 375°F (-40°C to 190°C), making them compatible for a range of applications. Whether you’re flash freezing or reheating, you can use the same pan. Plus, when you select H-Pans in translucent amber color, the chances of cross contamination and the need for additional handling are decreased because you can easily see what is inside.

  1. Camshelving

How often do you clean your shelving? Most restaurants are in one of two camps: they rarely to never clean their shelving or they need to set aside a day or multiple hours to get it done because it is so much work. Camshelving eliminates both of these costly issues.

  • If you never clean: Maintaining your shelving is extremely important. Storing containers of food on rusty, corroded shelving is asking for trouble. Not only does rusty shelving increase the chances of cross contamination, the health inspector won’t be impressed. Receiving a bad health score will you bring you even bigger problems than short staffing.
  • If you set aside hours to clean: With metal shelving, many restaurants needs to set aside several hours to take everything off their shelves so that they can deep clean inside the cooler. And with metal shelving, it can really only get so clean. With Camshelving, shelf plates independently lift off and can be run through a dishwasher, allowing employees to spend time on other processes. Plus, having a smooth surface makes it easy to maintain shelf plates’ cleanliness on a daily basis.

Being short-staffed is difficult on business owners and customers alike. Cambro products are designed to make your job just a little bit easier. Utilize these products to alleviate some of your employees’ responsibilities so that they have more time to make a direct impact on your customers. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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