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The Food Storage Products Every Bakery Needs

Once you go Cambro, you never go back—just ask the chefs at Paderia Bakehouse in Fountain Valley, Calif. When you experience the difference Cambro products have on your food safety, quality and organization, it’s difficult to use anything else. When it comes to food storage, using the proper containers and shelving makes a huge difference on the way your business operates. From employee efficiency in the back of house to superior tasting food, it all starts with your ingredients. Cambro products are specifically designed to support every aspect of safe food storage. Paderia Bakehouse previously used metal shelving with a hodge-podge of food storage containers. We explain how switching to exclusively Cambro products made a big difference.

  1.  Camshelving®

Good enough shelving isn’t good enough. You wouldn’t skimp on the foundation of your home, so why would you skimp on the foundation of your kitchen? Many foodservice professionals choose standard metal shelving because it’s all they’ve ever known. After seeing the challenges metal shelving units presented to the foodservice industry, we brought Camshelving to the market. Paderia chose Camshelving Premium Series. Here are four ways it made a difference:

  • Rust-free: It’s a scientific fact that in conditions involving moisture and spills, metal will rust. This is one of the biggest problems with metal shelving, so we decided to completely change the game by offering shelving that will never rust. Constructed from durable composite plastic wrapped around a steel core, Camshelving Premium Series cannot and will not rust.
  • Customizable: If you’ve ever had metal shelving, you know it is extremely difficult to change the heights of each shelf after its been constructed. With demand changing rapidly, your shelves may no longer properly fit the containers you need. This creates an inefficient use of space and encourages disorganization. To change Camshelving, all you need to do is lift off shelf plates and use a mallet to loosen traverses before moving them to a different position.
  • Organizational Accessories: Camshelving has several types of accessories to promote organization. At Paderia, they chose to use Shelf Dividers, ID Tags and a Camshelving Peg Board Storage System to keep everything neat, organized and in its place.
  • Easy to clean: Rust, corrosion and spills settle into metal shelving, leaving hazardous materials where you store your most vulnerable items! Camshelving is extremely easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth or run it through the dish washer.

BONUS: Every Camshelving line features shelf plates embedded with antimicrobial Camguard. To survive, microbes need to find a surface rich in nutrients to attach to. Camguard creates a protective barrier on your Camshelving to discourage this from happening.

  1. Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

There are sheet pan racks and then there is the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack. Similar to Camshelving, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack was inspired by everything traditional sheet pan racks lack. Designed with the same durable, rust proof material as Elements Series Camshelving, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. For many foodservice professionals, the wheels are the worst part. But, when you choose the option of plastic casters, your entire unit is incapable of rust and corrosion. Need we say more?

  1. Food Storage

Paderia uses a wide variety of expensive ingredients that make it imperative that they use quality food storage products to keep them safe and fresh.

  • CamSquares and Rounds: using consistent food storage products makes it easier to stay organized. Although each brand might look similar, there are subtle differences that can mess up all of your hard work. If you’ve ever been frustrated by lids not fitting, it’s probably because the lid and the container you’ve tried to fit it on aren’t the same brand. Paderia chooses Cambro above other brands because the quality of our products are unmatched. Containers withstand consistent use without breaking or cracking.
  • Ingredient Bins: To say Paderia uses a lot of bulk ingredients is an understatement. Being a bakery, it just comes with the territory. Because sugar and flour are the basis of so many of their items, Paderia needs to ensure their bulk ingredients are stored safely and kept fresh. Cambro Ingredient Bins are NSF Listed and don’t require a liner. Our clear sliding lids reduce handling and prevent waste.
  • Camwear Measuring Cups: Acids, stains and odors are no match for our Camwear Measuring Cups. Used daily to measure a variety of liquids, Camwear Measuring Cups are designed to handle high volume wear and tear.
  • Camwear Food Pans: Paderia uses Camwear Food Pans to perfectly cover their malasadas with sugar. Camwear Food pans are generally half the cost of stainless steel and they won’t dent. Plus, its clear Camwear material allows chefs to quickly identify what is stored inside.
  1. Dunnage Racks

We already mentioned that Paderia uses a lot of bulk ingredients, so much that they needed an efficient, safe way to store their substantial extra stock. Our Dunnage Racks keep their ingredients safe because they won’t rust, dent, corrode, or bend. There is no chance of metal shavings or corrosion contaminating one of their stored bags of flour. Cambro Dunnage Racks have two options, each holding up to 1,500 lbs. or 3,000 lbs. Plus, if you’re using more than one rack next to each other, you can securely join racks together with a Camlink Connector.

Paderia Bakehouse offers globally inspired pastries and beverages under one roof. Each product is created from scratch using quality curated ingredients every day. Paderia counts on Cambro storage products to keep their ingredients as safe and fresh as possible.


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