Nationally Recognized School Breakfast Program Utilizes Cambro Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks

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If your operation relies on metal sheet pan racks, you’ve experienced rails and castors falling off, squeaky wheels and loud noises reverberating on the walls while you move them around. When Caitlin A. Lazarski, Director of School Nutrition at Newburgh Enlarged City School District, had the opportunity to apply for equipment grants, she requested Cambro’s Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks because “we knew ours were falling apart and they weren’t gonna hold up.”

Located in Hudson Valley, New York, NECSD offers a school breakfast program, after school supper, summer feeding and more.  

“We have a huge breakfast in the classroom program that we’re super proud of and we do a lot with breakfast and different initiatives to make sure that our kids are well fed during the school day and while they’re with us,” said Lazarski.

After purchasing 40 Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks for her district’s 14 schools, Lazarski says her staff “were cheering, they were so excited for these racks.”

Previously, Lazarski had purchased inexpensive aluminum racks but her staff had complained about their durability. She looked at steel, but they were very heavy and extremely expensive. She heard a nearby school district had purchased Cambro’s Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks, so she called their director to see how they were holding up. 

“She’s said, ‘They’re excellent, we’re not having any problems with them. They’ve been the best carts that we’ve purchased so far’,” said Lazarski.

After hearing her colleague’s review and having had positive experiences with Cambro in the past, she went ahead with her purchase without any regrets. 

“I think you get what you pay for. For years I was buying the $100 cart, the $200 cart, and I'm just throwing them away every year, what good is that? Make the investment, put the money in, get something that's a higher quality and let it last; [the Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks] are as stable as the days that they rolled through the operation, and it's not like they don't get a lot of use. They are constantly used,” said Lazarski.

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