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The Top 8 Must-Have Catering Products for Every Event

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When you cater with Cambro, you cater with confidence. Catering businesses have utilized Cambro’s wide variety of insulated transport units, storage containers and warewashing products for decades. With more than 14,000 products in our catalog, we narrowed it down to the top 10 must-haves for every caterer:

1. Camtainer

camtainerBeverages like coffee and water are a necessity at nearly every event. With the ability to keep hot or cold beverages at the ideal temperature for at least 4 hours, the Camtainer can be utilized as a water station for an event on Friday and a coffee dispenser for a wedding on Saturday. Made from durable material that is rust, crack and chip resistant, Camtainers will last as long as you’re in business.

2. Handwash Station

In addition to holding drinking water, the Camtainer can be transformed into a handwash station with the addition of our Handwash Accessory. When it comes to food and hygiene, optics make a big impact. Not only is a handwash station useful for you and your team, but it also shows your customers that you take hygiene seriously. Plus, some states have health codes that require a handwash station at your prep area when you’re setting up food. In addition to our portable handwash station, we offer a Mobile Handwash Station that provides a touchless experience and a Camkiosk® Hand Sink Cart that has the ability to run hot or cold water for up to 70 hand washings.

3. Insulated Transport Units

PCU cartCambro insulated transport units have been trusted time and time again to carry hot and cold food to a variety of events and celebrations. Why are they so popular? Cambro insulated transport units have a variety of options:

  • Electric and Non-Electric
  • Cold and Hot Holding
  • Top and Front Loading
  • Maneuverability
  • Durability
  • Compatibility

The list could go on and on! For high volume catering operations, we suggest our food transport carts. For medium to small volume catering operations, we suggest our pan carriers and Cam GoBoxes®. Take our quiz, Which Cambro Hot Box Are You?, to learn more about the options available.


The three biggest problems with traditional glass racks are:

  • Glasses get dusty or dirty with fingerprints
  • Having to rewash glasses because they’re dirty
  • Glasses breaking during transport

Cambro Camracks changed all that. Camracks have a closed wall system that allows water to clean glasses while they’re in the dishwasher and transition to an enclosed cabinet while stacked up in storage. When covered with a lid, it’s impossible for glassware to get dirty or covered in fingerprints when they’re stored in a Camrack—which also means there’s no need to rewash your glasses!

When it comes to broken glasses, leave it to the Greeks! “[Camracks are] a great, very sturdy product that allows us to be able to store our glassware with minimal breakage,” said Simon Harris, Director of Food and Beverage at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa.

cambarThe party doesn’t start until the CamBar is rolled in. If there is a bar available onsite, a CamBar makes it even easier for guests to get cocktails and get back on the dance floor. If the venue doesn’t have a CamBar, then we’re not sure how you’ve lived this long without it! CamBars are available in three sizes, with the ability to hold between five and seven bottles per speed rail and the option of basic, pre-mix or post-mix soda systems. Plus, the CamBar is easily moved wherever cocktails are served throughout the evening. Take the Which CamBar is Best for Your Business? Quiz to find which CamBar is just right for you.

ice caddyCaterers need ice for a variety of uses. Sometimes you might need additional ice to make cocktails or to add to water glasses. Other times, you may need ice to keep bottled water or soda cans cold.  The SlidingLid™ Ice Caddy makes it easy to transport ice for whatever you need. Designed with a recessed well and drain shelf to keep ice away from water, it’s common for our ice caddy to keep ice frozen for days. Use a scoop to serve up ice for drinks or alternate layers of ice and beverages to keep them cold for during events. Cambro’s SlidingLid Ice Caddies are available in models with a holding capacity from 100 to 200 lbs.

7. Food Pans

food pans and UPC300Disposable containers are convenient, but they’re causing you to waste money and contribute more trash to landfills. When using reusable Camwear® Food Pans and High Heat H-Pans™, you’re able to save money and make your business more sustainable. Plus, Cambro food pans and H-pans are made with material that is virtually unbreakable and designed with a non-stick interior for easy cleaning in a sink or dishwasher.

BONUS: Never worry about spilled sauce during transport again when you top your food pan with a GripLid®.

8. Reusable Deli Cups

8 - 1 2 QT and 1 QT FreshPro CamSquares Group ShotIf you don’t use disposable deli containers, you’re one of the very few. Disposable deli containers are small and convenient—some chefs even drink out of them when they’re in a pinch—but there is one massive downside: they are thrown away constantly. We talked to a chef at a hotel in Southern California who told us he purchases an average of 1,200 deli containers per month; that means they are throwing away up to 14,400 single-use containers a year—equivalent to 1,060 pounds! In an effort to remedy this problem, we created CamSquares FreshPro Translucent 1/2 qt. and 1 qt. reusable deli containers. Translucent material is easy to clean, withstands temperatures -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C) and is acid, stain, and odors resistant.

If you’re not looking for more ways to make your catering business sustainable, you’re doing it wrong! Click here for more Cambro products and suggestions that can help. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today!


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