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5 Reasons You Should Buy Products Made in the USA

Cambro has been committed to American Manufacturing since its inception in 1951. Starting with a small factory in Huntington Beach, Calif., Cambro has grown to two manufacturing plants and a distribution center in Huntington Beach and an additional manufacturing plant in Mebane, North Carolina. Today, 99 percent of Cambro products sold to customers in North America are made in the US. 

The phrase “Made in the USA” is thrown around a lot, but what does it truly mean? We have 5 ways Americans are positively impacted when they buy products made on home soil.

1. More Jobs for Americans

cambro employeesCambro is proud to employ more than 600 American citizens in our manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and corporate offices. When demand for American-made products increases, more people are needed to create the supply to meet it. Cambro is able to consistently offer more jobs to Americans thanks to the millions of Cambro customers across the US.

According to a 2013 survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, 78 percent of respondents said they preferred to buy a product made in the USA rather than an identical one made elsewhere. Furthermore, 80 percent of that group said they believe it’s important to retain manufacturing jobs in the US in order to strengthen American manufacturing in the global economy.

2. Higher Quality Products

Products that are made in the USA have a reputation for being high quality. Cambro only sources the highest quality FDA-approved materials for all of its factories across the world and in the US. When you purchase a Cambro product, you have the confidence of knowing you are getting a high-quality item that has been developed under strict US regulations and undergone rigorous testing. While American-made products are monitored thoroughly from start to finish, imported goods aren’t checked for quality and durability. Cambro is especially stringent when it comes to product consistency. Cambro products are all manufactured in the exact same way, with the exact same materials. Although American-made products are typically more expensive than imports, they will last much longer and are less likely to be replaced frequently.

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3. Better for the Environment

When a product is made overseas, a significant amount of fuel is used and carbon emissions are emitted to get it to the US. Plus, American factories must comply with the Clean Air Act, which sets the emission standards businesses are allowed to produce. However, many factories overseas don’t have an obligation to regulate how their processes impact the environment and may not believe it’s worth the extra money to care. Not only does Cambro comply with the environmental laws placed on manufacturing, Cambro products go above and beyond to achieve special certifications that further prove its quality. Cambro has an ISO certification from the International Organization for Standardization, a nonprofit organization that works with more than 160 nations to regulate industry standards. This certification signifies Cambro has an enviable level of quality management that aims to achieve customer satisfaction. One reason Cambro customers are so satisfied is because the vast majority of Cambro’s food contact items are NSF-listed. An NSF listing on a foodservice product ensures that it won’t leak harmful chemicals into food, is cleanable and isn’t likely to harbor bacteria. In addition to being food safe, Cambro has created many electric products that have earned certifications based on their energy efficiency:

  • ETL: If a product has an ETL mark, it means that it passed the safety certification program at ETL Intertek and complies with North American safety standards.
  • Energy Star: A product with an Energy Star certification is guaranteed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

Any products that are not up to Cambro standards are immediately set aside to be recycled or discarded.

4. Increased Product Availability

When a product is affected by supply chain issues abroad, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Making products in the US allows a company to have more control of its availability.  When the pandemic hit, industries around the world were shutdown. Customers who relied on foreign-made products were left waiting—sometimes for months—without any alternatives. Cambro has 800 of their most popular products ready to be shipped anywhere in North America within two to three business days at any given time.

5. Expedited Product Delivery

Each day a foodservice operator has to wait to receive their products makes a difference. Cambro made and distributed their products from California for more 60 years when they decided they could better serve their customers with a facility on the East Coast. In 2015, Cambro expanded to North Carolina with the creation of a manufacturing and distribution facility. After just a few years in operation, Cambro doubled the size of the facility to a total of 500,000 sq. ft. to better accommodate demand. Cambro’s presence on the East Coast gives foodservice operators the tremendous benefit of having a designated support staff and an even shorter product delivery timeframe. Plus, having a factory on the East Coast decreases the amount of fuel and carbon emissions produced during transit. At any given time, Cambro has 800 of their most popular products ready to be shipped anywhere in North America within two to three business days.

More than 70 years and 14,000+ products later, Cambro is still a family-owned company focused on creating foodservice solutions in the USA. Click here to test your knowledge about American-made goods.


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