The Surprising Cambro Product Used to Transport Pizza

The pizza served by Whittier Union High School District is likely very different than the slices you were served as a kid.

“Our pizza is called ‘Mama Lisha’s Pizza.’ They did recipes, they tested sauces and once it’s good, it’s good; you don’t want to play with it. I will say that was their priority to label it towards our production and not necessarily go to our local vendors,” said Elizabeth Brown-Smith, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at WUHSD.

Monday through Friday, the foodservice staff at WUHSD’s central kitchen prepares 180 pizzas that are delivered to 6 schools inside Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks with insulated covers.

Before getting their new Cambro racks, Brown-Smith says they used traditional metal carts.

“The wheels were just falling apart due to curbside and we had to keep getting them welded. I was here 6 years and they still had the same carts, so when the opportunity arose to purchase new carts that’s what we did,” said Brown-Smith. “[My staff] fell in love with the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack right away.”

In addition to being easy to clean, there are two key aspects of the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack that Brown-Smith’s staff appreciate most.

“They’re easy to maneuver and the brakes are amazing; the ones with the metal carts weren’t that sturdy,” said Brown-Smith. “The drivers love the brakes; [the casters] just glide much easier.”

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is designed with custom center-stem casters that make it more stable and easier to move than traditional metal racks.

After cooking their daily pizzas, foodservice staff load pizza dough onto their racks, cover them with Cambro vinyl covers and put them in the fridge to proof so that they are ready for the next morning. By using reusable vinyl covers, they’re able to contribute less waste than when they used plastic bags previously.

The Ultimate Sheet Pan is designed from the same durable, rust-proof material as Cambro’s popular Elements Series Camshelving. Heat-resistant rails are safe to use with sheet pans pulled directly out of a 350°F (176˚C) oven and inside coolers and freezers.

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