Superior Heating and 3 More Reasons to Love the Camduction

Healthcare foodservice professionals typically look at the Camduction® Complete Heat System because they need a superior way to keep meals hot during transport and delivery. While the Camduction certainly accomplishes that, it does so much more. Janelle Friesen, Vice President of Food & Nutrition Services with Heritage Operations Group in Illinois, knows a thing or two about using the Camduction; one of her 33 facilities has had a Camduction for at least 10 years.

“In the last 3 weeks, I think I have written 3 plans of corrections from 3 different buildings that were cited for cold food; none of those 3 buildings have Camduction systems,” said Friesen. “Ideally, I’d like to have it in all homes at some point.”

In addition to maintaining hot temperatures, Friesen depends on the Camduction at many of her facilities for 3 more reasons:

  1. Convenience

[The Camduction] is easy. You just run the bases through the dishwasher when you’re done. Before, you had to do a bottom base and a pellet, so it was more dishwashing time,” said Friesen.

Using the Camduction® Charger, 20 Camduction® bases are heated at once within 4-6 minutes, accommodating up to 300 meals per service. Friesen’s team is able to save time both during service and clean-up.

  1. Efficiency

Staffing concerns continue to be a problem in hospitals, restaurants and more. The Camduction and bases keep food at safe temperatures if staff need a little more time to deliver meals. In fact, a Cambro heated base, heated plate and insulated dome are able to maintain 140°F (60°C) or higher for 60 minutes when used together.

“With all our room trays, if you really want to keep them hot, the reality is that we know when the room trays are taken down to the floor, nursing staff is short,” said Friesen. “With the Camduction system, I know that food is going to hold and that we can get it in there at a more reasonable temperature.”

  1. Safety

While food temperatures are a priority for most, Friesen also wants to make sure her staff is safe. She considered the old style hot pellets to be a “burn hazard” because the bases were lifted out of a large contraption. The exterior of Cambro’s bases remain cool to the touch during heating and delivery.

“I have had staff get all burned up and down their arms reaching down in there. I just think [the Camduction] is safer for staff and residents,” said Friesen.

In addition to her Cambro products, Friesen appreciates the outstanding level of assistance she receives from her local Cambro sales rep.

“They’re just good quality products and we’ve had great customer service,” said Friesen. “Cheryl Hodges has been an awesome rep for us.”


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