The Ultimate Guide to Delivery

Many people are continuing to lean on delivery to get their restaurant fix. Providing a superior delivery experience will continue to be necessity for restaurants, but it doesn’t need to be a pain point. There are three common problems associated with food delivery: tampering, temperature and missing menu components. We looked at what can go wrong in order to develop products to encourage everything to go right.

  1. Keep food safe during delivery

Sealing your takeout containers with StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels provides a peace of mind when orders leave your restaurant. If anyone tries to open the container, tampering leaves lasting evidence that cannot be undone. Labels are compatible with both clam-shell and lidded containers, aluminum food pans and pizza boxes. Even to-go drinks can be secured with a Tamper Evident Label!

  1. Maintain temperatures before pick-up

Second to wrong orders is food delivered at the wrong temperature. When customers receive their delivery piping hot or extra chilled, they are much more likely to be satisfied with their order. Whether you’re waiting for your employee to return for the next order or a third-party app delivery driver, letting food sit out just won’t work.

The Cam GoBox® helps maintain food’s temperature when it’s in that in-between stage—it’s packed up but still waiting to get transported. Made with expanded polypropylene material, Cam GoBoxes are lightweight, durable and temperature retentive. Utilize the Cam GoBox Flip Lid to hold multiple orders. Drivers can open the lid to get each order without significantly compromising the temperature inside the box. 

Cheers & Chills:  

  • Cam GoBox Beverage Holder: Customers expect to receive their beverages in the same condition they would in a restaurant. Made from the same durable, insulating material as the rest of the GoBox line, the GoBox Beverage Holder maintains hot or cold temperatures for hours inside a Top Loading GoBox. Hot or cold cups sizes 8 oz. to 32 oz. fit comfortably inside each unit, significantly reducing the possibility of spills.
  • Camchiller®: If you’re frequently accessing cold items inside your GoBox, Camchillers keep them from losing temperature. For best results, freeze Camchiller flat overnight before place inside your GoBox.
  1. Maintain temperatures during transport  

Many restaurants have learned that using a third-party delivery app service gives you very little control over how long it takes a driver to pick up the food and what happens to it afterward. If your restaurant handles its own delivery, it’s essential to invest in a quality delivery bag. With the option of Delivery GoBags®, GoBags Delivery Backpacks and Pizza Bags, there is a bag to suit every delivery need.

All GoBag models feature heavy duty, sewn in straps and an easy open flap that secures tightly with a hook and loop closure. GoBags are made from a thick, yet breathable fabric that provides both durability and superior moisture control. Controlling your delivery is a major power move—make sure your customers know it! Personalize GoBags with your logo to promote brand awareness during each delivery.

  1. Create an assembly station

The Camshelving® Premium® Series Flex Station makes it easy to integrate delivery into your existing kitchen. Start with a foundation of Camshelving Premium Series shelving and customize to your liking with a combination of divider bars, food pans, food boxes and flat shelf plates to keep to-go materials organized. Casters on the bottom of the unit make it easy to maneuver and clean. Organize condiments, utensils and to-go containers so that they can be easily accessed and store GoBags and GoBoxes when not in use.

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