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How to Use Delivery GoBags to Boost Food Quality, Brand Awareness

From storage containers to cooking equipment, you only buy the best. It is imperative to carry over this thought process to your delivery products. As soon as your food is packaged and placed in a delivery bag, give yourself the peace of mind to know that it will arrive to your customer in top quality. Cambro Delivery GoBags® protect the integrity of your food by providing a durable, temperature retentive vessel for transport. Constructed with heavy duty, sewn in straps and high density insulation, Delivery GoBags ensure a safe and secure delivery every time.

By handling your own delivery, you have a number of opportunities not afforded by those that use third-party apps. You have better control of how your food arrives to your customer and you have a better chance of your customer remembering your brand. By personalizing your Delivery GoBags, customers see your logo or business name from start to finish. Additionally, potential customers might see your Delivery GoBags and be curious about what you have to offer.

Cambro offers two ways to customize your bags: embroidery and heat transfer, both of which are completed at our locations in Huntington Beach, Calif. Heat transfer allows you to put a vibrant and eye-catching logo or graphic on the top of your Delivery GoBag.

See what your personalized Delivery GoBag will look like before you place your order here: Simply upload your logo or graphic to see what it looks like on top of your preferred Delivery GoBag size. When you’re satisfied with your choice, contact your local Cambro rep to place your order.


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