Eatery uses GoBox to Elevate Customer Takeout Experience

What’s the best way to ensure the integrity of your food isn’t compromised? Control every aspect of its journey to your customer. Restaurants have always known how much hard work their employees put into their food, but with the rise of delivery and takeout, the end of your food’s journey can become a little distorted. Anne Spaeth, owner of The Lynhall in Minnesota, originally employed the use of Cambro GoBoxes for their holiday catering orders.

“Where Cambro has really come in, it’s really given us a wonderful tool to use for selling [the GoBox] with our preorders for holidays where people were wanting to put it in their car and drive it somewhere,” said Spaeth.

Many Lynhall customers travel several hours to lake homes for the holidays. Spaeth wanted to make sure customers could enjoy their meals wherever their holiday plans were taking them. One weekend, Spaeth took it upon herself to put the GoBox to the test.

“Our previous chef, packed a Cambro GoBox for me with hot Lynhall food and I put it in the convertible with the top down and drove four and a half hours up to our lake cottage. I took the lid off and it was still steaming,” said Spaeth.

Consequently, The Lynhall began advertising the option of adding a Cambro GoBox to holiday catering orders. For customers who likely didn’t know what a Cambro GoBox was, The Lynhall team described it as having the ability to hold hot or cold food for four hours or more while providing fantastic structural strength to protect meals during transit.

“At the start of Covid, it was a way for us to be able to ensure that our product could be transported and the quality would not be affected through a long distance delivery,” said Spaeth.

In addition to catering orders, Spaeth used their GoBoxes to provide delivery to ensure their guest had the best possible experience and that their brand wasn’t affected by poor packaging.

Inspired by Spaeth’s time abroad in London, The Lynhall was designed for customers to sit down and enjoy their meal inside its walls. Although more people are returning to dining rooms, The Lynhall is creating more opportunities for their customers to enjoy their offerings.

“We just launched something called The Lynhall Club where once a month you get fresh baked pastries or a Lynhall Chef’s dinner,” said Spaeth. “We want to go back to offering that option of do people want it hot or do they want to reheat it and then we would reintroduce the GoBox option for both of those.” 

Established in 2017, The Lynhall has two locations in Minnesota, one in Minneapolis and Edina. The Lynhall offers brunch, roasted meats and vegetables, along with pastries and bread that are made fresh in-house every day.


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