Cambro Products Support School Through Renovation

Cartersville High School in Georgia underwent a big renovation that moved them into a temporary kitchen and presented foodservice professionals with temperature maintenance challenges. They had to separate their ovens from the rest of their equipment and food because it was the only place with enough power.

After they cooked their food in the ovens, they needed something to transport it back to the kitchen that would maintain temperatures before it went on the serving line. Christina Brumme Nichols, School Nutrition Director at Cartersville City School District, decided to purchase the UPC1600 Ultra Camcart. Made with CFC-free foam insulation and an airtight removable gasket, the UPC1600 keeps food at safe temperatures for at least 4 hours.


  • Holds food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours
  • Large capacity (16 full size, 4″ deep GN 1/1 pans)
  • No electricity needed

Going into the 2021 school year, the serving line was under construction and they started serving students in the hallway. Nichols contacted her local Cambro sales rep to try out the Camshelving Premium Series® Flex Station.

“It’s a rare combination of eye-catching and really fun for the kids to look at but also very utilitarian. It just holds so much food that we’re able to put out a wide variety of food and then sometimes we’ll use that very bottom row as backup for one of the more popular items at the top,” said Nichols. “For the kids walking down the hallway it looks like fun. [They think], ‘Oh my gosh, that’s where lunch is!’

Flex Station

  • Versatile
  • Eye-catching
  • Easy-to-Maneuver

After their kitchen equipment was back in working order, Nichols found a new use for their Camcarts.

“We take two of the Camcarts for each of our bigger hallways where we serve about 400 students and we fill those with all of our entrees we’ve prepped ahead of time that are wrapped, like hamburgers and hot dogs,” said Nichols.  

“The quality stays really good throughout that whole lunch period. I don’t know what else we would possibly use. With nothing else would we be able to maintain the temperature and the convenience of being able to push everything out there and have it all there for our kids for the 30 to 40 minutes we’re serving during that lunch period.”

When Nichols got their Flex Stations, she was able to take advantage of a special promotion that included the Cam GoBox® Milk Crate Box with their purchases. She takes the Milk Crate GoBoxes into the hallways to keep milk cold during service.

Cam GoBox Milk Crate Box

  • Holds 50 half-pint milk cartons
  • Protects food and beverage temps for 4+ hours
  • Lightweight with adjustable strap

After we spoke with Nichols, their renovation was completed, but she is still using her Cambro products for breakfast in the hallway and will likely utilize them for their football, summer school and other groups who are on campus during summer feeding.  


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