Foodservice Trends to Watch During 2022

They say trends come and go, but 2022 is going to produce a lot of déjà vu. Many of the trends that started in 2021 are carrying over to this year and evolving in different ways. Consumers fell in love with delivery during the onset of the pandemic and now they’re starting to depend more on technology to submit their orders. As many restaurants are still struggling to find enough people to work, advances in robotics might be able to alleviate some of their pain points. While much of 2022 remains a mystery, these 4 trends are pretty clear.

  1. Cocktails, hold the alcohol

Hey, Jamie Foxx, we can’t blame it on the alcohol anymore. Mocktails and beverages with low alcohol content were on the rise and they’re predicted to keep rising in 2022. According to data from the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report for 2022, 58% more consumers are reaching for non-alcoholic and low-ABV drinks than in 2021. This emerging group of “sober-curious” people aren’t strictly sober, but they enjoy dropping the alcohol while keeping the flavor. There are already many products on the market that mimic the taste of alcohol without the side effects and it’s expected that more big brands will follow suit.

  1. …still hiring

Finding employees is going to continue to be a challenge for the foodservice industry unfortunately. There are still hiring signs posted in windows of all types of businesses trying to keep up with increasing demand. Restaurant operators increased wages, offered signing bonuses and added additional benefits to try to attract applicants.  While many consumers are ready to return to their pre-pandemic dining habits, many restaurant workers aren’t interested in returning to the back of house.

Because so many foodservice operations are struggling to keep up with customers, we put together a list of Cambro products that can increase efficiency and lighten the load on your staff.

  1. Box it up  

Delivery and takeout orders aren’t going to show any signs of slowing down—and consumers are getting more tech savvy than ever before. According to The NPD Group, these significant increases were shown in 2021:

  • Digital restaurant orders increased 124%
  • 62% of all digital transactions were takeout orders
  • Digital takeout orders increased 130%
  • Digital delivery orders increased 140%
  • Digital delivery orders on third-party apps increased 207%
  • Digital delivery orders on restaurant apps and websites increased 98%

Whether you handle your own delivery or use third-party apps, it’s essential to keep your food in top condition from kitchen to customer. Utilizing our Cam GoBoxes, Delivery GoBags, StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels and more, we have 5 ways restaurants can maintain food excellence for delivery.

  1. Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto

Labor shortages are yet another driving force towards automation. Robots are able to prep and cook in the back of house and deliver and clear plates in the front of house. McDonald’s, Domino’s and KFC restaurants have already started using robotic drive-thru service in some of their locations. Bear Robotics has a line of hospitality robots called Servi. They’re able drive themselves to customers’ tables to drop off food or drinks or to help bus tables. If you look closely at this commercial televised in South Korea, you’ll see our CamTread® trays! Their non-slip capabilities make it perfect for holding onto plates as Servi navigates through tables and customers.

What trends do you foresee in 2022 for the foodservice industry? Drop a comment!


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