Keep the Whole Enchilada Hot… Even in Fargo

Fargo, N.D., isn’t known as a tropical destination, but we know where you can find a little piece of Paradiso. As one of Fargo’s longest standing businesses, Paradiso Mexican Restaurant has been serving the community since 1978. You might say the restaurant is a big deal, both literally and figuratively; they can accommodate 525 people, including patio seating in the summer.

Five years ago, the managers of Paradiso Mexican Restaurant decided to focus on getting more catering orders. Their first big event was a Christmas party for 250 people at a nearby bowling alley. Their foodservice sales rep at the time told them about Cam GoBoxes® and they decided to try 4 of them.

“We since doubled that amount; we have 8 of them now. Then, we got the nifty little dollies that they sit on; they maneuver great, I have to say. I wish our mop buckets and carts here worked as well as those dollies, you can spin around in a circle with them,” said Becky Cote, Manager at Paradiso Mexican Restaurant.

In a city where temperatures regularly get down to the single digits, Cote was truly sold on the GoBoxes because of their ability to maintain temperature.  

“We had done a couple of jobs before [the Christmas party] and had things packed in boxes. The thing I appreciate the most is the temperature control on them,” said Cote. “I thought ‘Nah, they’re not going to keep things hot that long, that’s not possible,’ but we have pulled things out of those containers after a couple hours and they have been piping hot—I mean steaming hot!”

“A matter of fact, we have a standing order with a local company here where they will order up to 50 dinners to go and we pack them inside [the GoBoxes] and run them over there and they’re very hot when they get them. I think it’s because we’ve been able to maintain the [food] so well and keep it hot for them that they’ve continued. It’s pretty much a weekly order we get.”

Another reason why Cote felt like she could depend on the GoBox is because it can be used for both hot and cold.

“Our most common catering package that goes out is a taco bar buffet where you have all the fixings for tacos…we put the cold products in [a GoBox]. I’ve even used them for personal use. I had an outdoor shower once for my niece and I kept all the salad products and everything inside those containers. We were outdoors and it was summertime and it kept things nice and cold,” said Cote.

GoBoxes have superior temperature retention because they are constructed with CFC-free expanded polypropylene. This 100% recyclable material is lightweight, impact resistant and resistant to most oil, grease and chemicals.

“I love how lightweight they are because our product is pretty heavy going into them, but those containers are so lightweight and they are very durable,” said Cote.

Contact your local Cambro sales rep to find the best GoBox for you.


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