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Maintain Hygiene Anywhere with Cambro’s Mobile Handwash Station

Bring sanitation and hygiene to any location with Cambro’s Mobile Handwash Station. Equipped with an 18-gallon freshwater tank, the Mobile Handwash Station provides approximately 200 handwashings when full. The Mobile Handwash Station is constructed with durable, all-weather materials and sturdy casters that make it easy to maneuver over concrete, grass or rough terrain.  

The Mobile Handwash Station is completely touchless without the need for plumbing or electricity. Battery-operated soap dispensers can automatically allot soap while the foot pump stimulates the flow of water. A built-in paper towel dispenser accommodates standard size tri-fold paper towels for easy stocking and distribution. Plus, the Mobile Handwash Station meets the health department’s guidelines for handwashing availability.

In addition to its freshwater tank, the Mobile Handwash Station is built with a 20.5 gallon wastewater tank. You can drain freshwater tank by unscrewing a plug at the bottom of unit; the wastewater tank empties through a spout or connected to a hose for easier access to drains.

Ideal for use at farmer’s markets, catering events, school functions and more, the Mobile Handwash Station can be customized with a graphics wrap to promote brand awareness or provide eye-catching visuals.

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