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3 Ways Your Shelving is Failing You

It’s easy to make excuses for your shelving. If you’ve said “Well, it’s old” or “It’s good enough” in reference to your shelving—it’s failing you. The back of house is built on your shelving and it’s imperative to have shelving that works as hard as you do. Camshelving® sets your operation up for success by increasing your levels of food safety, organization and effectiveness. We found three ways your shelving is disappointing you and how Camshelving can help:

  1. It’s hard to clean.

If you’d rather go to the DMV than clean your shelving, you’re not doing it right. Kitchens with inefficient shelving have to designate a special time to take everything off their shelving in order to carry out each unit for proper cleaning. And even then, is it ever really clean? This process can take hours and is semi-successful at best. Where metal shelving fails you, Camshelving® thrives. If your operation needs to regularly take out shelving to deep clean the floors of your storage areas, mobile Camshelving will drastically change how your business operates.

Designed to withstand high volume operations, mobile Camshelving is equipped with heavy-duty casters that are easy to maneuver. Camshelving Premium and Elements Series have shelf plates made with antimicrobial Camguard® and are dishwasher safe. Simply lift off shelf plates and run them through any commercial dishwasher or wipe clean. Plus, Camshelving comes with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and rust.

  1. It’s wasting space.

“I have too much space!” said no chef ever. Space is a hot commodity in the back of house and it’s a shame not to use every last bit of it. Camshelving allows you to maximize the space in your storage areas in multiple ways:

  • Shared posts: Each unit connects to each other, eliminating extra posts and wasted space between shelves.
  • Open Corners: Keep your shelving from becoming the land of lost food storage. Everyone has cleaned out their shelving to find expired cans and containers that have been shoved to the back never to be seen again. Open corners allow employees to easily see and reach items in every nook and cranny of your shelving.
  • Adjustable Shelves: This is a simple yet highly useful feature. Camshelving traverses and shelves can be lifted and readjusted to accommodate new sizes of items. They also allow you to have shelving at different heights while still being connected to the same post.

  1. It’s inefficient.

Are you using cardboard to keep small items standing upright? Are items consistently falling off your shelving? Your shelving isn’t working efficiently, and it’s costing you time, product and effort. Camshelving also offers a more extensive range of accessories and options than metal shelving.

Accessories like Shelf Rails and Security Cages keep items separated and safely contained on each shelf. Shelf Dividers, used with solid shelf plates, keep small items organized and eliminate the chances of them wobbling and falling over. Mobile shelving allows employees to move it closer to working stations or to move it out for comprehensive cleaning. With the immense popularity in delivery and curbside, using Divider Bars and Camwear® Pans or Camwear Boxes allows you to transform your shelving into a to-go staging area. Any of these small additions to your shelving can make a big difference in the long run.

Camshelving is designed to bring safety and harmony to every storage area in your back of house. Whether your shelving is failing you in your freezer, cooler, walk-in or dry storage, there is a Camshelving line to exceed your needs. Contact your Cambro rep to find the ideal Camshelving for your operation.


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