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Keep Your Cool: School Beverage Challenges Solved

Until recently, serving meals in the classroom was largely frowned upon. However, Breakfast in the Classroom initiatives and the coronavirus pandemic have made eating in the classroom essential.

Classrooms are doubling as cafeterias.

As in-person learning continues to roll out across the US, breakfast and lunch will need to be served differently in order to comply with social distancing and safety protocols. Keeping beverages safe and at temperature will be a new challenge, especially if you’re providing meals in the classroom. We chose three of the most popular beverages in schools and identified the Cambro products that will help you pull off successful service:

  1. Water

Maintaining hydration contributes to a healthy immune system. Drinking directly out of a water fountain has become a thing of the past; these days every student has a water bottle. Provide a safe way and handsfree way for kids to refill their water bottles with a Camtainer Hydration Station. Thoughtfully placed in high traffic areas around campus, a Camtainer with an easy serve dispenser lever is the perfect sanitary solution. Water is kept cold for at least four hours thanks to the Camtainer’s superior insulation. Rust, crack, and chip resistant, your Camtainer will last for generations.

  1. Smoothies
Courtesy: Shawn Rivera

Smoothies have become a popular school breakfast offering because they are often packed with fruit, vegetables and calcium. Mix, hold and pour smoothies into portioned cups with our Beverage Dispenser. Designed from impact resistant plastic, its circular shape is ideal for evenly mixing beverages. The standard and metric graduations are embedded into the side of the Beverage Dispenser, with a total capacity of six gallons. After your smoothies are made, transport and serve them to students safely with a top loading Cam GoBox® and Cam GoBox Beverage Holder. Constructed from durable and lightweight expanded polypropylene, cold drinks are kept at safe temperatures for at least three hours. Employees can easily carry GoBoxes or wheel them class to class with a Camdolly Compact.

BONUS: Purchase a GoBox Top Loader (models EPP140, EPP160, and EPP180) before Oct. 31, 2020 and you’ll get five FREE Beverage Holder inserts. Click here to learn how to redeem your free products.

  1. Milk Cartons

Trends come and go, but school milk is forever. This iconic beverage is a staple at most schools and the increase in school breakfast initiatives has only strengthened its presence. We created the Cam GoBox Milk Crate Box specifically to hold and transport school milk cartons easily and safely. Designed to hold a milk crate with 70 half pint milk cartons, beverages are kept at cold temperatures for at least four hours. The Milk Crate Box is constructed from durable expanded polypropylene and features an adjustable web strap that sits comfortably on your shoulder. It’s lightweight nature makes it manageable for even students to carry, as they do at Propel Schools in Pittsburgh, Pa.

School foodservice operators have done a fantastic job of figuring out how to keep their students safe and well fed during the coronavirus pandemic. Cambro products have been there through it all to help support schools during each phase. Contact your local Cambro rep for help identifying which products are best for your school foodservice program.  


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