It’s Electric: How Cambro’s UPCH400 Can Save Your Business Money

Jaime Soltero Jr. built his business from the ground up. What started as a catering company in 2008, evolved into a successful food truck branded “Tamale Boy” four years later. Today, Soltero operates both the food truck and two Tamale Boy restaurants in Portland, Ore. Always looking to cut costs while maintaining food quality, Soltero has relied on his collection of Cambro UPCH400 units to accomplish a variety of tasks.  

“I use [the UPCH400] to transport; I use it to hot-hold the food and serve when I’m doing the food truck. I practically use it for everything in our operations, including even at the restaurant. We use those instead of traditional stainless-steel [holding cabinets] because they’re easy to clean. They’re pretty low cost because of the rebates too, which is another big incentive to purchase them,” said Soltero.

Energy Trust of Oregon offers rebates to consumers who purchase foodservice equipment that is deemed energy efficient. Many state governments, local governments, and utilities offer rebates for energy efficient purchases. Our UPCH400 is certified by Energy Star to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

By transferring food directly into his UPCH400 units after cooking, Soltero is able to save both gas and electricity.

‘[The UPCH400] is at a lower wattage, so it’s like a lightbulb. It’s a lot of energy being saved,” said Soltero. “I think [the rebate] is a great incentive because it allows operators to control hot-held foods at the correct temperature, avoiding a lot of people getting sick if the [food’s] temperatures drop.”

Designed with CFC-free insulation and gentle, non-radiant heat, the UPCH400 simultaneously protects food quality and temperature.

“At some points, you can unplug it—and as long as you’re not opening it and shutting it and opening it—it’ll keep it at that temperature for a good four hours before it starts losing temperature,” said Soltero.

Over the years, Soltero has amassed more than a dozen UPCH400 units, six of which are used daily at his restaurants.

The UPCH400 is designed to be energy efficient without compromising on performance. Seamlessly constructed as one piece, the UPCH400 won’t rust or dent. For more information about the rebates available in your state, search this Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.


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