4 Smart Food Storage Tricks that Work Every Time

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Tricks of the foodservice trade are always evolving, but there are some that continually get the job done. When it comes to food storage, there are seemingly quick “tricks” that help you out in a pinch but damage your ingredients in the long run. When choosing the right equipment, food storage can become an easy, seamless process for you and your team. Check out these four food storage ideas to keep your food its freshest, safest and happiest:

  1. Problem: Unwelcome critters are sneaking into your BOH

Solution: Eliminate pest-carrying cardboard

Allowing cardboard cartons full of produce into your walk-in is like allowing a Trojan horse into your kitchen. It looks harmless until a bunch of creatures come out of the woodwork! Taking the extra time to transfer produce  from cardboard and into food safe containers like Camwear® Food Boxes is worth the extra step. Putting produce inside clear containers makes your walk-in more organized, cleaner and produce easier to find. Plus, Camwear SlidingLids™ for Food Boxes protect ingredients while simultaneously allowing chefs to quickly access what’s inside. Cardboard is meant transport your produce to you, not to act as a container after it arrives. Get in the habit of immediately getting rid of cardboard cartons after food is delivered and it will quickly become part of your kitchen routine.


  1. Problem: Prepped food spoils too fast

Solution: Check how you’re covering your containers

We won’t stop saying it until we stop seeing it: If you want to keep your food fresh for a longer period, do not cover it with plastic wrap or foil. Tight fitting lids will extend the life of your food and decrease the amount of food waste your operation contributes. Cambro designed two lids to work extra hard for this reason: Seal Covers and Camwear GripLids®. Seal Covers create a tight seal around your Camwear Food Pans, Camwear Rounds and CamSquares while remaining easy to remove. When transporting food, especially liquids, GripLids are an unbeatable product.  Creating a strong hold inside your food pan, GripLids are engineered to maintain freshness, flavor and quality, while preventing spills.

  1. Problem: Small containers tip over because of slots in your shelving

Solution: Order Camshelving® with solid shelf plates

The beauty of Camshelving is all the options that it affords. One of the simplest yet ingenious options is the choice of solid versus vented shelf plates. When you’re storing small food containers in dry storage, like spices, there is no need for venting in your shelves. If anything, slots in your shelving inhibit your smaller dry goods from standing tall in storage areas. Plus, solid shelf plates allow you to easily clean up spills should a clumsy employee accidently knock something over. When ordering Camshelving with a Cambro rep, you are provided with the most efficient options possible for your space. Take advantage of our free Camshelving Design Service to upgrade your kitchen.

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  1. Problem: Produce spoils after sitting in drippings for too long

Solution: Drain drippings away from food with Camwear Colander Food Pans

Have you ever found a food pan full of mushy tomatoes sitting in liquid in your walk-in? It’s too late for them, but you’ve still got a chance. Camwear Colander Food Pans are the ideal product for prepped produce that releases liquid. The Camwear Colander Food Pan sits inside of Camwear Food Pans, allowing liquid to drain below. The result is reduced spoilage and a longer food life. This trick saves both time and money by keeping sensitive produce fresh for much longer than when held in food pans alone.


Don’t let your food storage trip you up. Use these tricks to positively impact your food storage. Contact your Cambro rep to get started.


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