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Test Your Glassware Knowledge

Camrack Extender Clip singleNot only do Cambro Camracks® keep all types of glassware clean, organized, sanitized and protected during periods of non-use, but they also make inventory a breeze, thanks to the Camrack® Extender ID Clips. The clips snap onto the racks so you can easily and quickly identify the type of glassware stored inside.

How well do you know the different types of glassware? Take our quiz matching the symbol to its name and find out!


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Make storing and identifying your glassware a breeze with Camrack® Glass Racks and Camrack® Extender ID Clips. Cambro offers pre-printed ID Clips for 34 types of glassware, plus a blank version you can customize.


For more information on Camracks, contact your local Cambro Representative.

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