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5 Factors Caterers Should Consider Before Buying an Insulated Transporter

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Shopping for new catering equipment can be overwhelming. There are so many options and it can be difficult to choose between them all. Cambro insulated transport products have everything a caterer needs and wants because they are designed with them in mind. From transportability to capabilities—everything has been carefully considered and tested in order to give a caterer a product their business can depend on day to day and year after year. We outline the biggest factors to consider when choosing an insulated transport unit and how Cambro products specifically can help accomplish the goals of your business:

  1. Easy to Maneuver

DSC_0037Setting up for a catering event is not for the faint of heart. With the number of items that are needed to be loaded and unloaded, catering equipment needs to be manageable for employees to move. Look for products designed with ergonomic handles to allow staff to easily grip and lift equipment. Many insulated transport units are also designed to be stacked one on top of the other. Stacked equipment makes storage, serving and transport much easier and faster. Small features like latches that allow fast access can make a big difference when it comes down to a big catering job. When transporting carriers full of heavy food, opt for products that can be stacked on top of a dolly. Cambro’s hard-sided transport carts and insulated food pan carriers are compatible with a Camdolly to allow employees to maneuver units through venues with ease. For caterers just starting out or working with a small team, equipment that is lightweight is imperative. Cam GoBoxes are made from an expanded polypropylene material that makes them easy to carry even when full.

  1. Cold and Hot Holding

One of the exciting things about catering is that one day you could be cooking food for a quinceanera and the next day it’s a bridal shower. When the kind of food you’re catering is always changing, it’s important to have an insulated transport unit that can adapt to different temperatures. All of Cambro’s insulated transport products are compatible with both hot and cold temperatures and are able to keep food at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. If you’re looking to keep your food at temperature for longer, Camchiller and Camwarmer accessories add an additional layer of protection.

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BONUS: Need to hold both hot and cold food, but don’t have enough to fill two carriers? Use a Thermal Barrier to safely separate foods of different temperatures and transport together. Half empty carriers are not only inefficient, but they lose temperature more easily. Fill your carrier, keep food at temperature and make life easier for yourself!

  1. Electrical Needs

Do you travel large distances where you will have to keep food warm for a while longer before serving? Do you utilize your unit for both transport and service? Frequently opening the door of a non-electric unit decreases the temperature inside drastically. Electric units are able to solve both of these problems. Units keep food safe and at the ideal temperature during transport up to four hours and maintain temperature once plugged in. If you’re looking to transport both hot and cold food, the Pro Cart Ultra is capable of heating one cabinet and chilling the second one–all in the same unit. Other units, like the Camtherm, are able to switch between hot and cold for whatever you need for that catering order. These units can also be used passively for days where you don’t need to use electricity. If you’re looking for the whole package, Cambro electric insulated transport units are it.

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  1. Durability

Nobody puts their equipment to the test like caterers. Equipment gets put through a variety of environments several days a week—every week! Look for products that are designed with unbreakable handles and made from a material that can handle the thousands of food pans it will hold in its lifetime. If you’re looking for an insulated transport unit that will go with you for many years, all of Cambro’s hard sided carriers and carts are built to last through the harshest conditions. Most units are rotationally molded for maximum durability and are often utilized by disaster relief groups and the military due to their strength and dependability. While a product may be lightweight, you don’t need to comprise durability. Cam GoBoxes are made of an expanded polypropylene material that provides outstanding thermal insulation, impact and chemical resistance and a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio.

  1. Easy to clean

Cleaning up is truly the worst part of any job. With the number of disposable pans caterers  have to transport, liquids are bound to accidentally seep out and create a mess in your insulated transport unit at some point. Choosing an insulated transport product that can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a cloth or run through a dishwasher will save you both time and money in the long run. Many of Cambro’s insulated transport units are designed with removable doors to make it easier to thoroughly clean and air out your unit.

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Being a caterer is a tough job, but Cambro products help support your operation to make it run efficiently and safely. For more information, visit or contact your Cambro rep.


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