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6 Signs You Need to Improve Your Food Storage

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If you’re continually throwing away wilting lettuce and thought there must be something to keep it fresh longer, this blog is for you. The foodservice products your operation is using may seem “good enough,” but those kinds of items only produce mediocre results. Without the proper preparation and storage, food can’t have the optimal freshness you expect of your operation. You may have some lingering problems in your kitchen but haven’t been able to figure out why. We identified 6 signs that your food storage might be the culprit:

  1. Your lettuce is wilting

When produce is stored properly, it retains freshness longer, decreases waste and gives operators more bang for their buck. Knowing the right temperature and containers to store your food are paramount to keeping it in top condition for your customers. Cambro provides a variety of storage containers and accessories like drain shelves and colander pans to ensure each type of produce is getting the proper care and preparation. If you’re not sure what the ideal temperature or storage method is for a particular type of produce, Cambro has already done all the work for you with the Freshness Contained tool on the Cambro App. This special tool provides the suggested environment, Cambro storage item and special storing tips for each fruit and vegetable.

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  1. Raw meat and vegetables are mixing company

Don’t let your raw meat get too friendly with the other ingredients in your walk-in cooler. Even if your raw meat is safely contained in a Cambro container, there is no telling what accidents may happen during a busy Saturday dinner service. One of the cardinal rules of food safety is: raw meat goes by itself on the bottom shelf. This is to ensure no drippings have the chance of contaminating your other food products. You may consider yourself a rule-breaker, but this is one time it’s extremely important to follow the rules!

  1. Your containers look like plastic mummies

We get it, lids are the missing sock of the foodservice industry, but you don’t see everyone conceding to wearing shoes without socks. Always leave your food storage on the right foot by finding a lid for your containers. Wrapping anything in plastic is a food safety nightmare waiting to happen. Air easily gets into your food, completely derailing the hard work you did to prepare it for continued freshness. Plus, plastic wrap leaves room for liquid to escape onto surfaces and other containers. Not only are you risking contamination, but you’re doing a disservice to your ingredients as a whole. Cambro offers a variety of lids depending on what kind of food you’re storing, how long you’ll be storing it and what you’ll be doing with it after you take it out. See all  the Cambro Lids Solve Your Most Common Food Storage Problems.

  1. Your shelving causing a lot of tetanus shots

This seems obvious, but we see rusty shelving in foodservice operations every day. Rust isn’t a good look on any piece of metal, especially when that metal is holding food. Once rusty shelving begins to flake off, there’s no telling where those specks will end up. Save yourself from safety issues and unhappy customers by choosing Camshelving. Not only is Camshelving rustproof, its shelf plates have an antimicrobial protection permanently molded into them to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. Not only will Camshelving save your shelving from rust, Cambro’s new Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack made of the same rust-free materials eliminates decaying sheet pan racks from your problems too.


  1. Cans aren’t used FIFO

Cans are a necessary part of a foodservice operation that can be a pain when it comes to storage. #10 Can Shelving at Mission 11Not only are they heavy, it can be hard to keep with First in First Out (FIFO) if they aren’t organized properly. Can racks are the only way to make sure you’re using your products before they expire and not losing any in the depths of your shelving. Cambro’s Ultimate #10 Can Rack is the product that wipes all of the prior worries away. It’s front-loading design makes it easy to put your cans away and consistently follow FIFO. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Full units and single shelf options makes it easy to customize exactly what your operation needs.

  1. Your storage space makes you feel claustrophobic

Back of house areas are more compact by nature, but if you’re consistently surrounded by unorganized inventory there Cambro products to help you gain a little more space. Depending on the design of your storage spaces, Camshelving® Premium Series High Density Storage System could seriously change your life. This system is made with stationary starter units anchored to a floor track system. The ability to slide to different shelves can maximize even the tightest spaces. If you’re looking for a smaller fix, Cambro has Camshelving Wall Shelving with StoreSafe Shelf Extender option to expand your storage to new heights. Don’t be afraid to go low too. A lot of space goes unused underneath counters and table tops. Use the Elements Series Undercounter Units to utilize those unorganized and easily forgotten about areas of your kitchen.

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Taking control of the weak links in your storage will allow you to be more efficient and serve the best quality of food possible. For more information on the products mentioned, contact your Cambro rep.

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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