How to Get the Most from Your Grab-N-Go Station


Grab-N-Go stations are the ideal way to serve breakfast, snacks and lunch at schools across the country. What was once a growing trend is on its way to becoming a school nutrition staple. The best Grab-N-Go stations allow you to efficiently serve food at the ideal temperature in convenient sites around the school.  Cambro’s Flex Station enables you to do all of these things and more thanks to its versatility and mobility. Take advantage of these 4 suggestions to get the most out of your Grab-N-Go station:

Invest in the future

If you haven’t gotten on the Grab-N-Go train yet, grab a ticket and enjoy the ride. Grab-N-Go is extremely efficient and has been known to increase participation. DSC_0322Consider what executing a Grab-N-Go program could do for your operation’s bottom line in the future. Cambro’s Flex Station has the mobility to reach more students and the adaptability to be used in several different ways throughout the day. Not only can you get creative with how you serve food, you can begin serving food that had previously been impossible due to mobility or temperature-regulated concerns.

Location, location, location

One of the biggest reasons your operation is turning to Grab-N-Go is to bring the food to where all the action happens. During breakfast service, cafeterias can be far away from classrooms and drop-offs. Position your Flex Station at busy areas of the school where students will get the most convenience out of it. After the bell rings, Flex Stations are easy to maneuver and can quickly be moved to other areas of the school for a second chance breakfast or snacks in between classes. When it comes to lunch, a great way to use your Flex Station in the cafeteria is by putting chips, cookies and other add-ons near the register or by the snack bar. Students have access to these items without holding up the other lines.

 Keep your cool

DSC_0317Increase the variety of offerings from your Flex Station by adding Camchillers to keep beverages and perishable foods at the ideal temperature during service. Electric carts are often large, heavy and difficult to move around large campuses. The Flex Station allows you to serve cold food and beverages without the use of a cord. Camchillers allow operators to offer foods like yogurt and smoothies for breakfast in addition to the traditional packaged items. Punch up the traditional snack cart idea by adding cold milk, water and juice to your afternoon offerings. Running low on items? Easily refill your Cambro containers from the front or back when stock starts getting low.

Turn heads Flex Station 4 sm

Today’s kids have a million things competing for their attention every day. You have a small amount of time to get a student’s attention before they go back to the games on their phones. Create an eye-catching display on your Flex Station to make sure they know what is being offered and when. Once they get used to where to find their morning breakfast or afternoon snack, your Grab-N-Go offerings will become a routine. Cambro’s Flex Station has a Merchandiser add-on that reads “Fresh & Fast.” The colorful graphics feature a spot to post your cart’s menu each day. Easy to clean, this Merchandiser can withstand years of use when regularly cared for and gently handled.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a product on the market that compares to the Cambro Flex Station. Contact your Cambro rep to learn how to get two free cases of Cambro food pans or storage containers with your Flex Station purchase.


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