Cambro Debuts Next Gen Drying Rack for Healthcare Kitchens

Dome Drying Rack 14 HD

Do you struggle with finding space to dry your meal delivery ware and trays? Cambro’s newly launched Camshelving® Dome Drying and Storage Rack will solve your drying challenges, keeping newly-washed items sanitary and ready for the next service time.

Durable, Versatile and Space Efficient

This new Dome Drying and Storage Rack provides a sanitary drying solution with unmatched versatility. Drying Rack Dome HDIt not only holds domes but can be customized to hold domes, trays and bases in one single unit-storing more in less space.

Operators can conveniently mix and match the dome drying cradle with any of the existing Cambro drying cradles (for trays and bases) to properly dry and store trays, domes and bases in one compact footprint. Especially in small, long-term care kitchens where space is often limited, this modular system is the ideal solution for utilizing vertical space while eliminating the unsanitary practice of wet stacking newly-washed items.

Additional Features & Benefits

Backed with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, the Dome Drying and Storage Rack is constructed with a steel core and a rust-free exterior for superior durability.

  • Modular drying cradles are easy to install and reconfigure.
  • Removable cradles are high temperature dishwasher safe.
  • Mobile casters make maneuvering throughout the kitchen easy.

Get in touch with your Cambro Healthcare Specialist to get more information about the NEW Dome Drying and Storage Rack.

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