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Why Cambro GoBags are Essential for Every Delivery Operation

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As delivery popularity continues to grow, prepare for the inevitable increase in food transport by setting yourself up with the best equipment. Choosing delivery bags that will keep your food safe from the time it’s wrapped to the moment it reaches the customer’s doorstep is very important. Cambro, the brand synonymous with excellence in food transport, has a variety of delivery bags to support many kinds of delivery operations and situations. We explain why every delivery operation needs Cambro GoBags:

  1. Protects food during transport

The goal of every restaurant with a delivery operation is to deliver food in the same condition a dine-in customer would receive. You don’t want any mystery odors from previous deliveries sneaking into your next customer’s food. Cambro GoBags are made to protect food quality, holding in moisture and repelling odors. Bags are constructed with heavy-duty sewn-in straps to make even heavy deliveries easy to carry. Constructed with a thick and sturdy fabric, containers are less likely to shift inside the bags during transport.

Cambro GoBags come in a variety of sizes. Smaller bags are perfect for single orders and large bags work especially well for catering orders involving full-sized food pans. If you’re not sure what size you need, simply input the sizes of your to-go containers into the Cambro To-Go Container Solution to receive the best fitting options.


  1. Keeps food at the ideal temperature

No customer wants to open their delivery to find food that is the wrong temperature. Cambro GoBags keep your cooked food piping hot and your cold food comfortably chilled thanks to their high-density insulation. Plus, a long-lasting hook and loop closure prevents air from entering the bag after it’s been sealed. The bags hold in temperature remarkably well, but even superheroes need a little help from their sidekicks sometimes. For deliveries that require boosted temperature maintenance, warm or freeze gel packs and insert into bags. If you need to separate hot and cold items within the same bag, thermal pads create a layer of protection between items.

  1. Easy to clean

Another way to promote food safety and keep away odors is to keep your bags clean. Cambro GoBags are made with a vinyl interior and nylon exterior that are easy to wipe clean after spills or at the end of a long day of deliveries. Caring for your delivery bags is extremely important when it comes to keeping food safety standards up during repeated use.


  1. Compact storage

GoBags’ thick, sturdy nylon exterior fabric folds into a small, compact square for efficient storage when bags aren’t in use. When you’re looking to expand your delivery operation, the last thing you want to do is compromise your dine-in capabilities. Cambro’s delivery bags help keep your delivery space organized, condensed and easy to clean up. Poorly stacked bags are a waste of space, and often makes them look older and more worn. Cambro GoBags foldability naturally holds their shape and color longer.

  1. Personalize to create more brand exposure

PaneraBagCambro GoBags can be personalized with high quality embroidery to show off your brand. Whether your delivery operation is new or established, having your logo embroidered on your bags enhances your brands’ visibility during transport. If your operation regularly delivers to corporations, many other companies are often housed in the same office buildings. These personalized bags act as an extremely inexpensive marketing tool that work for you while you’re already making money. Talk about having your take-out and eating it too!

The sooner restaurants get used to the evolving business of delivery, the more successful and stable their operation will be. Get your restaurant equipped for delivery by contacting your Cambro rep.


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