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Boost Your Brand Awareness with Personalized Cambro Trays

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Many of the most successful restaurants have not only good food, but a loyal following. Food fans love to see special details and items that are customized to the brand they love. Some restaurants sell T-shirts, sauces, stuffed animals and more to promote their brand beyond what goes on inside their four walls. Cambro trays have the dual benefit of being both useful and inventive. We outline how to create imaginative, branded, expressive, hardworking trays to bring your brand to life in a new way:

  1. Mini tray: Create custom conversation pieces

California tray.jpgEverything is cuter when it’s smaller, and our Camtrays® are no exception. Trays as small as 4 1/4” x 6” are the perfect customized addition to your retail stock. First, choose from 53 colors to complete your base. Next, decide what design you want on the tray. Some companies have created a unique design to sell as a separate, special piece. Other companies put their logo on top to further create brand awareness and encourage a developing fan base.

Pro Tip: These little trays are also ideal for use as an understated tip tray.

  1. Camtray: Make your cafeteria tray standout

The Camtray was the first foodservice product created at Cambro. CamtraysMore than 60 years later, the Camtray is the industry standard. Hundreds of thousands of Camtrays are used at restaurants across the world every day. Stain and odor resistant, Camtrays are made with high-impact fiberglass and reinforced edges to endure repeated drops, washes and uses. Easy to clean, Camtrays can be put in any high temperature dishwasher. Put your brand’s logo or impactful image on the front of the tray to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

  1. Camtread® tray: Business in the front, party in the back

Bar trays have the very important job of keeping your customer’s drinks safe until they are delivered. DSC_0745The Camtread tray, the original bar tray, is made of durable, long-lasting fiberglass and topped with a thick non-skid surface to keep dishes and beverages in place during transport. The non-skid surface of the Camtread tray will not wear off, even through multiple high temperature trips through the dishwasher. The non-skid surface can be embossed with a name or logo if you’re looking for a subtle, classy addition. Although the Camtread tray is strictly business in the front, the back is open to party. Personalize your Camtread tray with a colorful image depicting your restaurant or bar’s logo, slogan or creative phrase. The smallest details can put a trendy twist on your business.

  1. School compartment trays: We’ve got spirit, yes, we do!

If you’re a school foodservice operator, you’re likely always looking for new ways to increase lunch participation. Get kids more interested in what’s holding their school lunch with trays personalized with their school logo or mascot. Cambro’s school compartment trays have five compartments for food and a sixth for utensils. Easy grip handles make trays easy for kids to carry and a textured surface resists scratches from accidental drops and handling. Choose from a variety of colors and multiple placement options on front of the trays.

  1. Fast Food Trays: Have it your way

Cambro’s fast food trays allow you to customize your look without spending too much. FastFood Tray Personalized Natalees CafeThese trays are designed for high-traffic locations like fast food, quick-serve and cafeterias. With three sizes and 14 vibrant colors to choose from, you should have no problem finding the right fit for your business. Cambro’s fast food trays are made with a durable, textured surface to hide scratches and keep trays looking brand new. Personalization is available via hot stamping with a single color option. However, the contrast of the stamp against the textured color can leave quite an impression.

Don’t miss an opportunity to highlight your brand in a memorable and valuable way. See what your personalized tray would look like instantly on the Cambro App by using our Personalize a Tray tool. When you’re ready, contact your Cambro rep for more information about personalization and minimum order requirements.


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