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4 Ways to Serve Kids the Best School Year Yet

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The new school year is upon us, have you thought about your K-12 foodservice goals? Whether you hope to improve your satellite feeding program or increase breakfast participation, Cambro has what you need to set your school up for success in the kitchen.

We’ve carefully chosen four pieces of Cambro equipment to support common foodservice problems in K-12 schools right now. Cambro designed these items to not only support what you offer today, but to repeatedly utilized well into the future:

  1. Grab-N-Go Options

Flex Station School merchandiser placed Premium HD CRXIncrease breakfast participation with convenient Grab-N-Go options near drop-off points. Parents do their best to juggle bringing kids to school and getting to work on time, but sometimes kids are arriving just in time for the first bell. Make it easy for kids to get something nutritious to eat before running into class with Cambro’s Flex Station. Easy to assemble and maneuver, the Flex Station is ideal for breakfast on-the-go, fresh fruit and cold drinks.

Flex Idea: Maximize your value and use Flex Stations as concession stands during sporting events.

  1. Think Smarter Not Harder

Pro Cart Ultra -schoolTransporting hot and cold foods together has been tricky to coordinate—until now. Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra™ is one piece of regulated storage equipment that keeps hot and cold foods all in one mobile transporter.

“The PCU holds exactly what schools need, from food pans and sheet pans, to pizza boxes, trays and wire baskets,” says Justin Gagnon, CEO of Choicelunch in California. “They’re essential to our operation.”

Interchangeable modules produce active cold or active heat, allowing staff to customize their carts depending on what is on the menu.

  1. Keep Healthy Sack Lunches Cold

Field trips are a bright spot in every child’s week. Oftentimes parents are required to provide a sack lunch, which can be difficult to navigate when you must think about the varying temperatures it can go through. Cambro’s Cam GoBox, an insulated, sturdy and lightweight food transporter, keeps kids’ sack lunches fresh during the drive to the museum or nearby park. Encourage parents to provide fresh, unprocessed lunch options with the promise of temperature regulated transport throughout the day.

From sack lunches to daily meal deliveries, the lightweight Cam GoBox works hard without being hard to handle.

“My staff had a tough time delivering meals to one of our smaller schools in the heavy cabinets we used,” said Jill Overton, Director of Foodservices at Franklin Community Schools District in Indiana. “We got some Cambro GoBoxes and it made the job much easier on [the staff] because there is so much weight removed from these boxes.”

  1. Serve Up Salad

SaladBarsWith the right salad bar setup and ingredients, you can change the stigma around adding a side salad to a burger and fries. The most important feature of a salad bar is the food. Make sure foods are visually appealing and fresh to maximize their potential. Vibrant fruits and vegetables are much more likely to attract kids to take a closer look. Cambro salad bars are portable and non-electric, just two of the reasons it’s been a preferred solution for the Salad Bars to Schools initiative.  Pair with Buffet Camchillers to ditch the ice and keep the cold.

Get the school year started on the right foot and connect with your local Cambro representative. For more information on these products and additional K-12 solutions, visit

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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